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    MICT SETA Unit Standards

    U/S 115359

    Demonstrate an Understanding of the Handling of Errors in a Computer Programming Environment

    U/S 115391

    Demonstrate an Understanding of the Principles of the Internet and the World-Wide-Web

    U/S 115358

    Apply Information Gathering Techniques for Computer System Development

    U/S 115365

    Apply the Principles of Designing Computer System Inputs and Outputs

    U/S 114048

    Create Database Access for a Computer Application Using Structured Query Language

    U/S 114049

    Demonstrate an Understanding of Computer Database Management Systems

    U/S 115373

    Demonstrate an Understanding of Sort and Search Techniques Used in Computer Programming

    U/S 115367

    Demonstrate Logical Problem Solving and Error Detection Techniques

    U/S 115362

    Manage Software Development Source Files Using Appropriate Tools

    U/S 115388

    Produce Documentation for a Computer Program to Agreed Standards

    U/S 115384

    Test a Computer Program Against a Given Specification

    U/S 116389

    Write a Technical Report

    U/S 115431

    Analyse Feedback Contexts and Apply Constructive Feedback Techniques

    U/S 114051

    Conduct a Technical Practitioners Meeting

    U/S 114055

    Demonstrate an Awareness of Ethics and Professionalism for the Computer Industry in South Africa

    U/S 114059

    Demonstrate an Understanding of Estimating a Unit of Work and the Implications of Late Delivery

    U/S 114050

    Explain the Principles of Business and the Role of Information Technology

    U/S 13925

    Present Information in a Public Setting

    U/S 115363

    Apply Fundamental Principles of Object-Oriented Programming to Solve a Given Problem

    U/S 115386

    Apply the Principles of Creating Batch and Interactive Computer Programs Using a Procedural Programming Language

    U/S 115379

    Create Object Scripts for a Multimedia/Web-Based Computer Application

    U/S 115372

    Demonstrate an Understanding of Tools and Products Available for Web-Site Development

    U/S 115369

    Design and Build a Website Using Simple HTML

    U/S 115377

    Explain the IT Components of an e-Commerce System