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    What is a Membership?

    A membership refers to when an individual or company belongs to a professional body. Some memberships require an individual or organisation to have certain certificates or skill sets in order to be accepted as a member. Other memberships require an individual or company to be in the same industry, this empowers the membership organisation to give input on how members can improve. Being a member of a professional body is beneficial and each professional body has its own benefits. One common benefit all professional bodies have is that memberships offer credibility to individuals and organisations, giving clients confidence to engage in a business opportunity.

    What is Certification?

    Certification is proof that a company conforms with the requirements of a standard and that an accredited third-party certification body verified the conformance via an audit.  An accredited local or international third-party certification body has to verify that the requirements for the standard have been met via an audit. Once the audit process is completed successfully, the organisation will be issued an official certificate. The organisationʼs systems must be maintained according to the standard’s requirements, whilst showing continuous improvement. A certification body will conduct yearly surveillance audits to ensure that the system is maintained according to the standard and their own Quality Management System.

    What is Accreditation?

    Accreditation improves the credibility of organisations, as it confirms that the organisation is qualified to perform according to certain standards or expectations. Accreditation is also seen as a form of quality control, as it ensures that training providers, courses, programmes, or institutions conform to a certain standard. Accreditors evaluate the quality of training material used and ensure that the training provider’s expertise and experience are sufficient. For an organisation to be accredited, the criteria issued by the accrediting body needs to be followed and the requirements to meet the standard implemented. The key benefit of being accredited is that individuals and other organisatons would confidently engage in business with the organisation. The accreditation process ensures that our certification practices are acceptable, meaning that the certification practice is competent to test and certify third parties.

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