Training Catalogue

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    LC 1

    Occupational Site Health and Safety File
    (based on the OHS Act and Regulations)

    LC 2

    Occupational Site Health and Safety File
    (based on the Mines H&S Act and Regulations)

    LC 3

    Company-Specific Health and Safety File
    (Word Based Systems)

    WWISE assists organisations with the design and development of a site-specific Health and Safety File based on the organisation’s scope, legislative requirements (Occupational Health & Safety Act & applicable regulations) and client-specific requirements.

    On completion of the Health and Safety File, training will be provided to the relevant personnel on how to implement and complete the required documentation. Training will also be provided on the following:

    • Induction;
    • Method Statement;
    • Safe operating Procedures;
    • Risk assessment;
    • Fall protection plan;
    • Emergency procedures;

    Additionally, WWISE assists with the development of the Mine Health and Safety Act File.

    Upon request WWISE will assign a designated consultant to review and monitor the safety file/system at an additional cost.

    Cost: R 5 000, 00 (hard copy) or R 15 000,00 (soft copy)


    The Health and Safety file is site-specific and is provided in a hard or soft copy.

    The file includes the following documents:

    • Inductions;
      • Induction presentation;
      • Induction checklist;
      • Induction questionnaire;
    Appointment Letters
    • Appointment letters;
      • Resolution of the board;
      • 16(2) assignee/s;
      • Construction Manager, Alternative and Assistant construction manager (where required);
      • Construction Supervisor and assistant supervisor;
      • Scaffold Supervisor;
      • Excavation supervisor;
      • Risk assessor;
      • HS&E officer;
      • Fall Protection Planner; and
      • Incident investigation and any other as per the legislative and/or client requirements.
    • HS&E inspection equipment and inspection checklist/registers i.e.
      • Electrical tools;
      • Excavation;
      • Vehicles;
      • Mobile Elevated Working Platforms;
      • Daily Job Safety Analysis;
      • Scaffolding;
      • DB Boards;
      • Infrastructure Inspection;
      • HS&E Representative Reports;
      • Hazardous chemical storage
      • HS&E Meeting Agenda and Minutes; and
      • Ladders, hand tools, stacking, lifting gear, etc. inspection registers.
    Method Statement
    • Legal Compliance
      • Method Statement;
      • Safe Operating Procedures;
      • Risk assessments;
      • Aspects and Impacts Register;
      • Fall protection plan;
      • Health, Safety and Environmental Plan;
      • Waste Management Plan;
      • Mandatary Agreement and contractor appointment
    Emergency Procedures
    • Emergency procedures;
      • Emergency Evacuation Plan;
      • Emergency Reporting Procedure;
      • All relevant forms and templates i.e.
        • Annexure 1;
        • First aid dressing register;
        • Incident reporting form;
        • Witness statement questionnaire;
        • Incident statistics;
        • WCA forms and documents; and
        • Incident investigation form etc;
    • Additional Health, Safety and Environmental Documents
      • Organisations HS&E Structure;
      • HSE Policy Document;
      • Environmental Monitoring Records
      • Toolbox talk topics and attendance registers;