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    ISO 37301:2021
    Compliance Management Systems –
    Requirements with Guidance for Use

    What is ISO 37301:2021?

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 37301:2021?

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 37301:2021?

    How do I Implement ISO 37301:2021 in an Organisation?

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    What is ISO 37301:2021?

    The ISO 37301:2021 Standard assists in establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, and improving an effective compliance Management System within an organisation. Furthermore, this Standard provides a framework for ongoing compliance, the outcome of which results in the organisation meeting its requirements and/or obligations.

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 37301:2021?

    ISO 37301:2021 is applicable to all organisations, regardless of their type, size, or nature. This Standard is also relevant to public, private, non-, and not-for-profit enterprises. Certification to the ISO 37301:2021 Standard demonstrates Management’s commitment to comply with certain regulatory requirements, laws, and industry codes. This instils best-practice processes and promotes a compliant culture among management and staff. The ISO 37301:2021 Standard also contributes to the social responsibility of an organisation.

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 37301:2021?

    There are multiple benefits to implementing ISO 37301:2021. Some of these include:

    • The improvement of sustainability and business opportunities.
    • The minimisation of costs and the risk of reputational damage.
    • The protection and enhancement of reputation and credibility.
    • Assistance in meeting the expectations of interested parties.
    • A demonstration of the ability to manage risks effectively.
    • Increased potential to achieve sustained success.
    • Effective utilisation of a Legal Universe.

    How do I implement ISO 37301:2021 in an organisation?

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    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    An Organisation cannot certify to a guideline standard; you can implement the standard and receive a letter of conformity.