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    ISO 37301:2021

    A Compliance Management System, (CMS), gives organisations a structured way to fulfil all compliance requirements, such as:

    • Internal Policies and Procedures,
    • Codes of Conduct,
    • Standards,
    • Agreements with Communities or Non-Profit Organizations,
    • Statutory, Regulatory, Contractual, and other requirements.
    • Court orders, permits, and licenses,

    Any organisation, regardless of size, type, or complexity of operation, can use ISO 37301:2021. It equips organisations with a set of tools (policies, processes, procedures, and controls) that allows them to create and maintain a culture of compliance.

    Integrity, good governance, proportionality, transparency, accountability, and sustainability are the cornerstones of CMS.


    What is ISO 37301:2021?

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 37301:2021?

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 37301:2021?

    How do I Implement ISO 37301:2021 in an Organisation?

    Why Choose WWISE to Assist your Organisation:

    Certification Process:

    What is ISO 37301:2021?

    The ISO 37301:2021 Standard assists in establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, and improving an effective compliance Management System within an organisation. Furthermore, this Standard provides a framework for ongoing compliance, the outcome of which results in the organisation meeting its requirements and/or obligations.

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 37301:2021?

    Consistently adhering to compliance obligations decreases the risk of fines, penalties, work shutdowns, lawsuits, and reputational damage. A Compliance Management System is a must, not an option, especially for organisations seeking long term success and growth.

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 37301:2021?

    There are multiple benefits to implementing ISO 37301:2021. Some of these include:

    • The improvement of sustainability and business opportunities.
    • The minimisation of costs and the risk of reputational damage.
    • The protection and enhancement of reputation and credibility.
    • Assistance in meeting the expectations of interested parties.
    • A demonstration of the ability to manage risks effectively.
    • Increased potential to achieve sustained success.
    • Effective utilisation of a Legal Universe.

    How do I implement ISO/IEC 37301:2021 in an organisation?

    ISO Consulting and Implementation:

    We have a range of professional Consultants, Engineers, and registered Auditors to assist in implementing and maintaining any ISO Management System. Our industry expertise includes services, telecommunication, manufacturing, construction, engineering services, fast-moving consumer goods, mining, power generation, state-owned companies, and government-run organisations. A good Consultant takes the time to truly understand the processes of your organisation.

    Therefore, they can approach the implementation of ISO requirements accordingly. The cost of hiring a Consultant and the time spent to implement your ISO Management System will definitely pay off in the long run.

    WWISE has a 4-Phase Approach:

    • Phase 1: Gap Analysis Audit and Information Gathering
    • Phase 2: ISO Documentation, Risk Assessment, and Process Mapping
    • Phase 3: Implementation and Coaching
    • Phase 4: Certification

    WWISE provides a turnkey solution which includes templates, one-on-one coaching, on-the-job training, and mentorship. As a consulting firm, we do not provide certification services. However, we will guide you through the certification process and ensure that your organisation becomes certified.

    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    An organisation can get certified to a requirement standard. You can implement the standard and get certified by a third party.