Training Catalogue


    Finance and Accounting

    The finance function lies at the very heart of business and acts as the daily enabler of their core mission to support business development and ensure value for money is obtained amongst other responsibilities.

    In today’s volatile capital markets, there is increasing complexity in accounting and financial reporting. Proactive anticipation and resolution of issues under IFRS preserve the value of transactions and accurate reporting.

    Our accounting advisory professionals provide clients with deep technical knowledge and solutions:

    Advisory and Compliance

    • IFRS implementation/GAAP conversions
    • Revenue recognition
    • BEE deals
    • Fair Value assessments
    • Capex and Intangible Asset assessments
    • Consolidation assessments
    • Lease financing
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Securitisations
    Advisory and Compliance

    • Accounting Opinions
    • Financial Statement Review
    • Agreed Upon Procedures

    Corporate tax

    Annual tax provision calculations, validating tax balance sheet accounts and implementing new accounting standards under IFRS and/or SA GAAP.

    Tax planning can help you to structure your business to achieve tax efficiency:

    • By devising tax effective structures that are appropriate to your business model.
    • By providing solutions designed to minimise your tax risks.
    • By monitoring developments and advising you in the event of changes that affect your business.

    Personal tax services

    Integrated approach to providing coordinated financial wealth management assistance to individuals.
    Professionally prepared returns are provided together with calculations and advice, as well as integrated tax planning.

    Indirect tax

    Manage and mitigate indirect taxes including VAT and PAYE:

    • Assistance with VAT registrations, completion of VAT returns or other indirect tax compliancerequirements.
    • Maximising VAT recovery.
    • Increasing margins.
    • Ensuring maximising efficiencies for indirect taxes.

    A top-down approach is followed starting with the identification or risks in relation to your business’s critical success factors and strategic objectives. This ensures that audit priorities and resource allocation reflect the relative importance of key business risk factors and thus enhances the focus and value of your internal audit function.

    Services include:

    • If required a new internal audit function can be developed and tailored for your business.
    • An existing internal audit function can be re-developed so that it is strategically aligned with your business.
    • Bringing in experts with specific skills to assist in internal auditing.
    • Staff augmentation, which entails providing staff and resources.
    • Specialised public sector internal audit services, relating to Public Finance Management Act compliance.
    • Treasury regulations compliance.
    • Performance auditing.

    Drafting of Statutory Financial Statements: Compilation of Statutory Financial statements in terms of IFRS, IFRS for SME’S and SA GAAP as required by The Companies Act 2008.

    Preparation of Management accounts:
    You need to stay on top of your financial affairs at all times.
    You need to get reliable information on a regular basis in a format that you can understand. Financials can be prepared accurately and promptly.
    Get an outsider’s view on your performance including the development of an annual budget and transparency of monthly targets.

    Graphs with accounts:
    A new graphic accounts service, including all your key performance indicators (KPI’s), can be displayed in coloured charts every month.
    KPI’s can also be displayed over longer periods which would enable you to focus on your business trends. This service will enhance the usefulness of your monthly accounts

    Budgeting, Forecasting and Cash Flow Management

    Preparation of VAT and Income Tax Returns

    • Policies, Procedures and System Descriptions
    • Finance Process Assessment and Improvement

    Assist clients with assessing internal controls and to develop a risk-focused internal control program that will enhance processes and control efficiency, as well as address reporting and regulatory compliance needs.

    Focus areas include the following:

    • Risk remediation: Organisations are assisted to address issues identified in internal audit and internal control compliance findings in order to manage risk, improve control effectiveness and improve process efficiency.
    • Internal controls and regulatory compliance: The operating effectiveness of internal controls relating to financial reporting are evaluated, control deficiencies are identified and action plans are formulated to address such weaknesses.