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    ISO 18788:2015
    Management System for
    Private Security Operations

    ISO 18788:2015 Management System for Private Security Operations

    The ISO 18788:2015 standard is an international standard that specifies the requirements for entities that conduct or contract security operations. Most security companies focusing on monitoring, guarding, bodyguarding, surveillance etc. follow the requirements of the ISO 18788:2015 standard. It allows the control of firearms as well as training and management of security operations. The key controls include physical security along with customer communication and satisfaction.

    What is ISO 18788:2015?

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 18788:2015?

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 18788:2015?

    How do I implement ISO 18788:2015 in an organisation?

    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    Certification Process:

    What is ISO 18788:2015?

    Through the Plan-Do-Check-Act Standard provides a framework for adequate business and risk management capacity to meet the professional requirements of clients and other stakeholders. Furthermore, the standard provides a means for the organisation to demonstrate assessment and management of the impact of their activities on local communities; accountability to law and respect for human rights and consistency with voluntary commitments to which the organisation subscribes.

    ISO 187882015 Management System For Private Security Operations.

    Why does an Organisation need ISO 18788:2015?

    The standard specifically applies to any organisation that provides security operations in circumstances where there is undermined rule of law due to human or natural caused events.

    Organisations that conduct security operations or similar activities need to adopt and implement the standard in order to ensure that human rights and fundamental freedoms are adhered to while safeguarding lives and property. The standard enables such organisations to ensure that untoward, illegal, and excessive acts are prevented. This means that organisations engaging in security operations manage the utilisation of tactics, techniques, procedures, and equipment, including weapons, in such a way as to achieve both operational and risk management objectives.

    Summarised, the standard is recommended for any organisation that:

    • Conducts or contracts security operations or similar activities.
    • Establishes, implements, maintains, and improves a Security Operations Management System (SOMS).
    • Assesses its conformity with its security operations management policy.
    • Demonstrates its ability to consistently provide services that meet its client’s needs and conform to the applicable laws and human rights requirements.

    What are the Benefits of Implementing ISO 18788:2015?

    ISO 18788 Certification helps an organisation with the following:

    • Imposing credibility to protect your reputation
    • Promoting operational success.
    • Assuring customers, governments, and communities.
    • Demonstrating accountability to law and respecting human rights.
    • Increasing organisational productivity with the “Plan-Do-Check-Act
      Standard” approach.

    Presenting consistent and comprehensive corporate governance throughout an organisation.

    Benefits to Your Customers:

    • Helps your customers protect their reputation
    • Provides a commitment to security operations best practices
    • Demonstrates compliance with legal obligations and relevant principles
    • Provides adherence to human rights and fundamental freedoms

    How do I implement ISO 18788:2015 in an organisation?

    ISO Consulting & Implementation:

    We have a range of professional consultants, engineers, and registered auditors to assist in implementing and maintaining any ISO management system. Our industry expertise includes services, telecommunication, manufacturing, construction, engineering services, fast-moving consumer goods, mining, power generation, state owned companies, and government-run organisations. A good consultant takes the time to truly understand the processes of your company.

    Therefore, they can approach the implementation of ISO requirements accordingly. The cost of hiring a consultant and the time spent to implement your ISO management system will definitely pay off in the long run.

    WWISE has a 4-Phase Approach:

    • Phase 1: Gap Analysis Audit and Information Gathering
    • Phase 2: ISO Documentation, Risk Assessment, and Process Mapping
    • Phase 3: Implementation and Coaching
    • Phase 4: Certification

    WWISE provides a turnkey solution which includes templates, 1-on-1 coaching, on-the-job training, and mentorship. As a consulting firm, we do not provide certification services. However, we will guide you through the certification process and ensure that your business becomes certified.

    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    An organisation can get certified to a requirement standard. You can implement the standard and get certified by a third party.