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    At WWISE our ISO auditing services are designed to increase business efficiency by assessing risk and evaluating control systems and procedures. Drawing on our experience and specialised understanding, we are able to gain an all-inclusive and unique insight into industry best practices, as well as benchmarks according to ISO Standards. WWISE ensures that your organisation will stay abreast of legislative changes while maximising your business potential. We add value and a desired level of assurance so that your organisation can grow.

    Gap Analysis

    A Gap Analysis Audit involves the comparison of your organisation’s current conformance to the Standard, with potential performance. A Gap Analysis Audit is also a cost-efficient alternative to a full Audit.

    A Gap Analysis (First Party) Audit is the most effective method to determine your organisation’s current conformance to an ISO Standard and respective legal requirements.

    This Audit, guided by our WWISE Consultants will assist your organisation to effectively sift “gaps” identified. Through analysis of these gaps and their cause, WWISE provides expert advice on business solutions.

    The costs associated with an audit is R 9250-00 (excluding VAT and travel costs, if the Client is located outside of Gauteng). 1 Man Day Audit can audit up to 4 processes or 8 employees in an 8-hour day including the ISO Management System.

    Should your organisation have more than 4 processes, an additional day or Auditor may be required. This is determined by organisational size, complexity of the organisationʼs processes, legal requirements, and required Standards.

    To quote effectively for a Gap Analysis, Audit WWISE requires the following information:

      • Scope of the organisation, including the ISO Standard required to be audited against.
      • Legal requirements (Register), if applicable.
      • Number of departments.
      • Number of processes in each department (e.g. HR – 3 processes: Recruitment, Leave, Industrial Relations).
      • Number of employees per process and department.

    A Gap Analysis Audit proposal with a quotation will be sent once the required information is gathered from the organisation. A 50% deposit is required for WWISE to secure dates for the Audit, with the balance to be paid after the Audit is complete. Upon completion, you will receive an Audit Report, as well as a project implementation proposal to remediate the gaps identified.

    Once the terms of the proposal are agreed upon, WWISE will begin the implementation process. The process commences with a Project Planning day, where the scope of work is determined, and awareness training is conducted for staff at all levels. Workshops are held to collect information and understand your specific needs and expectations.

    Gap Analysis Process

    Gap Analysis Audit

    Internal Audits

    Internal Audit
    Our First Party Audits, often called Internal Audits, are conducted by WWISE experts. The purpose of an Internal Audit is to confirm the effectiveness of the Management System, as well as to evaluate compliance to the organisationʼs policies and procedures.
    How can WWISE assist?


    WWISE has a pool of professional experts who conduct Internal Audits based on the requirements of the requested ISO Standard. Upon completion of the Audit, we provide a full report on the gaps or non-conformances identified. WWISE also assists in identifying corrective actions to close out the gaps or non-conformances.

    Second Party (Supplier) Audits

    A Second Party Audit verifies that your suppliers are capable of meeting the needs and requirements of your organisation. A Supplier Audit is an external Audit performed on a supplier by a customer or by a contracted organisation on behalf of a customer. As Second Party Audits guide contractual direction from clients to suppliers, these Audits are ruled by contract law.
    WWISE performs Supplier Audits on behalf of organisations that require an independent and objective opinion towards their supplier’s conformance to ISO Standards. This also includes compliance with legal and other requirements, and we provide a comprehensive report on the findings raised during the Audit.
    Second Party Audits

    External Audits


    Certification Audits are conducted by Certification Bodies, and function as an external validation that your organisation’s Management System meets the requirements of the Standard. While we do not conduct Certification Audits, WWISE has assisted the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), TUV Nord, and Bureau Veritas on various ISO Standards globally with their Third Party Certification Audits.

    WWISE Consultants are sub-contracted by the SABS Certification Body to assist in evaluating the compliance and conformance to respective legislations and ISO Management System requirements.

    Due to conflict of interest, WWISE does not audit any organisation that we have assisted in implementation. Furthermore, we do not disclose any confidential or propriety information of clients audited on behalf of the Certification Bodies.

    WWISE is contracted independently by Certification Bodies barring the fact that the client has not been consulted upon by WWISE for two years or longer.

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    WWISE has extensive experience in working with many Certification Bodies, and can assist by guiding your organisation through the certification process.

    We assist the Certification Bodies in auditing the following Standards:

    ISO 9001
    ISO 9001

    Quality Management System

    ISO 14001
    ISO 14001

    Environmental Management System

    ISO 45001
    ISO 45001

    Occupational Health and Safety Management System

    ISO 50001
    ISO 50001

    Energy Management System

    ISO 27001 1
    ISO 27001

    Information Security Management System

    ISO 20000 1
    ISO 20000-1

    Information Technology – Service Management System

    ISO 22301
    ISO 22301

    Business Continuity Management System

    ISO 20252
    ISO 20252

    Market, Opinion and Social Research, including Insights and Data Analytics

    ISO 22000 1
    ISO 22000

    Food Safety Management System