Training Catalogue


    Business Advisory

    Support decision makers to negotiate great outcomes, finding the optimal solution to operational and financial challengers by reducing risk and protecting value where cash and time is tight.


    Growth Stage
    Financial planning and forecasting
    Working capital management
    Supply chain management
    Supply chain finance
    Data analytics and financial modelling


    Maturity Stage
    Corporate Simplification
    Risk assessment and response options
    Cash generation
    Reducing costs
    Cash flow forecasting
    Cash flow strategy and execution
    Data analytics and financial modelling


    Business plan reviews
    Business review defence
    Reg flag liquidity review
    Assessing business viability
    Stakeholder management
    Lead financial advisory
    Turnaround strategies and execution
    Assistance with control over cash


    Analysis of non performing and non core assets
    Appointing Business Rescue Practitioner
    Exit options
    Independent liquidation calculations
    Liquidation creditor advisory
    Turn around plans and implementation
    Contingency planning
    Assistance with control over cash

    Due Diligence

    The scope of the due diligence review, which is always determined in conjunction with you, depends on the size and scale of the transaction and the surrounding risks. Our due diligence service focuses on the most critical elements of transactions, including:

    • Identifying and quantifying industry and deal-specific risks and opportunities.
    • Evaluating quality and reasonableness of historical and projected earnings and cash flows assessing quality of assets.
    • Identifying hidden costs, commitments and contingencies.
    • Identifying and quantifying tax exposures.
    • Identifying and quantifying liabilities that can be deal breakers; and
    • Highlighting issues likely to affect the purchase price or contract conditions.

    Acquisition due diligence:
    A wide range of experience in due diligence services focusing on the specific needs of clients, whether they are from Private Equity or Corporate sectors.

    Vendor due diligence:
    Vendor initiated due diligence is at the heart of maximizing value, minimizing disruption and avoiding late surprises through the disposal process.

    Strategic Cost Reduction

    Cost reduction programs set ambitious yet achievable targets that create healthy organizational tension…

    Our approach to cost reduction

    Service Offerings18

    Cost reduction is driven by competition and growth*

    • Most use cost reduction to rapidly improve financial results
    • 65 percent of companies are reducing costs to gain competitive advantage
    • Over 50 percent are using it to support investment in growth areas

    The success of your business depends on transformation in your competitive capabilities and one of these is in your underlying cost base…

    Strategic Development

    Finding the time to work on your business rather than falling into the trap of always working in it requires discipline and a structured methodology to make it happen. We assist management in planning, developing and communicating organisational strategy.

    Finance Transformation

    Our role in helping finance reach its potential as a value driver extends beyond technology enablement. We holistically help finance ready itself through the following services:

    • Operating model design: aligning the organisational structure for finance, the business processes, data management and enabling technology to the business strategy
    • Technology solution selection: finance reporting technology evaluation and selection, deployment and integration
    • Finance processes improvement: process modelling, automation and workflow enablement
    • Business intelligence review: periodic and continuous management reporting
    • Governance and controls review: finance governance structures, frameworks, policies, procedures, standards and operational controls