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    Microsoft Office 365 incorporates basic software required for creating and managing documents.
    These are all software applications which can assist you in ensuring your organisation performs efficiently with increased productivity.
    Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based, which makes it the most popular development platform.
    Short-term costs are based on the number of licenses bought and the exchange rate.
    SharePoint online is loaded and ready to deploy within a few hours, little to no configuration is required off the bat.

    WWISE is partnered with Thyme IT. Thyme IT is a Microsoft Gold Partner and an authorised re-seller of Microsoft products and licensing.

    Microsoft Excel

    When MS Excel was first rolled out by Microsoft, it had to compete with an already established Lotus 1-2-3-, but its surpassed Lotus 1-2-3 ultimately.

    Microsoft word

    Microsoft Word

    Amongst the various apps, Microsoft Word, a word processing app, is the most popular and most extensively used application across the globe.

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft PowerPoint

    Microsoft PowerPoint has definitely made creating and showing presentations very easy.


    Microsoft OneNote

    Microsoft OneNote is a novel application, available for free, where one can quickly collect all private data such as bank records, business transactions, and medical records for example and save it securely.

    Microsoft Publisher

    Publisher is an Office app for desktop publishing. It is loaded with a large array of features to create layouts and high-grade text and pictures


    Microsoft Access

    Microsoft Access is a database management system (DBMS) from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface

    Microsoft SharePoint

    Effective content management is key to staying productive and building a lucrative business. Is your organisation still using a file server?

    Microsoft Yammer

    Want to be able to connect and collaborate with people across your organisation to make faster and better business decisions?

    Microsoft Delve

    Office Delve is a cloud-based solution that displays personal content. It is powered by Office Graph (a database that collects information on user identity and activity).
    Microsoft Forms

    Microsoft Forms

    Microsoft Forms gives Office 365 users the ability to create online capture forms, quizzes and surveys without any web development required.

    Microsoft Teams

    Microsoft Teams is your hub for teamwork in Office 365, giving you the platform you need to manage all your files, conversations and tools in one convenient team workspace.

    Skype for Business

    Skype for Business allows your teams to quickly and easily connect and communicate with colleagues and clients from any device.
    Microsoft One Drive

    Microsoft OneDrive

    By automatically saving documents to the Cloud, OneDrive makes it easy for your users to manage and share documents from anywhere, on any device of their choice.

    Microsoft Planner

    Want to be able to take the chaos out of your organisation’s teamwork? With Microsoft Planner, you can organise task lists, create new plans, share files, and assign tasks, as well as keep up to date
    Power Apps

    Power Apps

    Whether you’re using a pre-built template, or you’re starting from scratch, PowerApps allows you to build the app(s) you need to solve business problems within your organisation.


    Want to be able to connect and collaborate with people across your organisation to make faster and better business decisions?

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