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    Financial Analytics

    In today’s world companies need more then just financial statements and reports…
    Financial Advisory 2
    They need dynamic and innovative insights that can help them shape their business strategy and improve their day-to-day decision making.

    Financial planning and analysis:

    Strategic, medium-term, forecast, budgeting, operational and driver-based performance management

    Planning and reporting optimisation

    We assist in improving the reliability and process efficiency of historical and prospective reporting as it relates to budgeting, forecasting and management accounting.

    Cash flow planning

    Cash flow is the single most important issue in any business. We help clients manage their cash flow. This is done by preparing and updating detailed cash flow forecasts, using the latest and most powerful software. Support is provided to negotiate or re-negotiate overdraft facilities.

    Credit control

    Systems for managing debtors are strategic to a healthy organisation. The lack of a professional system is ranked as one of the principal reasons many businesses fail. Controlling debtors is identified as one of the key areas to sustain long-term profitability.

    Financial Modelling

    Why is financial modelling important

    • Enables better financial decisions within a firm.
    • Used by organizations for the purpose of future planning. By simulating the impact of important variables, financial modelling allows for scenario preparation so that organization knows its course of action in various situations that may arise.
    • Financial modelling also plays an important role in capital budgeting. Allows resource allotment for the next big investment easier, but it also helps in determining the cost of capital. It provides a thorough analysis of debt/equity structure for this purpose, along with the returns expected by investors.

    Financial models provide insightful information allowing you to explore the financial impact of any strategic decisions and can also support your everyday operations