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    ISO Maintenance

    At WWISE, we believe that continual improvement of a management system requires a systematic and unfiltered evaluation. Maintenance and continual improvement contribute to cost savings. This is achieved through well-documented and standardised best practices that lead to a reduction in the amount of time required for an individual to accomplish a goal or complete an activity.

    WWISE offers improvement methodologies and tools to assist in defining and actioning improvements. This ensures that your organisation is prepared for Surveillance Audits as well as improving your business by creating a culture of “perfect practice makes perfect”.

    Improve your business

    Are you complying with an outdated standard?

    Are you prepared for Surveillance Audits?


    ISO Management System Maintenance Activities

    1. Reviewing / Editing / Maintaining Mandatory Documentations aligned to the specific ISO Standard.
    2. Reviewing / Editing / Maintaining the current process documentation.
    3. Reviewing / Editing / Maintaining the Risk Assessment to the specific ISO Standard.
    4. Awareness Training for staff.
    5. Internal Audit on the specific ISO Standard, per the Internal Audit Schedule (with the Job Training where required).
    6. Assisting with issuing and closing of non-conformances raised during Internal Audits and correcting the corrective actions, updating the Risk Assessment accordingly.
    7. Assisting with Strategic Objective analysis and Statistical Reviews.
    8. Assisting with Management Review Meetings and Action Plans.
    9. Non-conformances, Corrective/Preventive action reports, Management Review / Maintain Meeting actions and Legal Compliance aligned to the specific ISO Standard.
    10. Reviewing departmental process inputs and verifying their outputs related to the specific ISO Standards’ clauses, objectives, risks, and key performance indicators.
    11. Assist during External Audits and closing off findings from External Audits.
    12. Encouraging organisations to streamline processes using Microsoft Applications for efficient document and record-keeping.
    Maintenance A

    How can WWISE help you?

    To be able to improve your business processes, be competitive and adapt to innovative technologies, our group of industrial and systems engineers can assist with bespoke continual improvement solutions such as:

    • Six Sigma.
    • Lean Manufacturing.
    • Business Process Modelling.
    • Work, Time, and Motion Studies.
    • Facility Layout and Material Handling.
    • Data Analytics.
    • Cost Analysis.
    • Human Resource Optimisation.
    • Strategic Marketing.
    • Business Continuity and Procurement Optimisation.
    • Problem-Solving and Root Cause Analysis.
    • Assist In building your brand and credibility with memberships, certifications, and accreditations.
    • Any Legal requirements relating to Safety, Health and Environmental.

    Our consultants will work on your organisation’s weaknesses while you perform towards your strengths. It is important that a broad and continuous improvement strategy be created, that will assist in calculating and estimating cost and time savings before the implementation of any of the solutions mentioned can be recommended.

    How does it work?

    WWISE assists in ensuring that you keep your certification by continually improving your management systems. We provide you with collaborative assistance to maintain the structure of quality that you have acquired.

    We believe that quality should be viewed as a mandatory requirement. WWISE ensures that you keep up to date on how to maintain your ISO certification.

    Once you have contacted WWISE for assistance with ISO maintenance, we will set up a meeting with your organisation’s top management to discuss organisational objectives, strategic direction, core processes, and interested parties to understand the management system and advise on business solutions. Our pool of experts will assist with closing gaps, updating documentation, and conducting internal audits.

    What are the benefits?

    We support you throughout the journey of maintenance by working with you on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis. Your organisation is in great hands. Your ISO management systems will be continually maintained with business solutions that allows your organisation to grow towards more effective and efficient operations. Lastly, surveillance audits will become one less thing to worry about!

    For more information on our ISO Maintenance, contact WWISE.