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    SANS 16001:2020
    Wellness, Health, and
    Disease Management Systems

    SANS 16001:2020 Wellness, Health, and Disease Management Systems

    This Wellness, Health, and Disease Management Standard is a South African National Standard in which organisations opt to follow to understand how to handle diseases such as COVID-19, AIDS, HIV, and cancer whilst also focusing on assisting employees through challenging experiences such as hijackings, or robberies. The standard is a prominent standard that allows employees to feel safe whilst also giving the employee a sense of belonging and appreciation for the organisation. In order to ensure the successful adoption of the standard, employee accountability is crucial.

    What is SANS 16001:2020?

    Why does an Organisation need SANS 16001:2020?

    What are the Benefits of Implementing SANS 16001:2020?

    How do I implement SANS 16001:2020 in an organisation?

    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    Guideline Conformance Process:

    What is SANS 16001:2020?

    SANS 16001:2013 Wellness and Disease Management System was initially developed by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) as an HIV and AIDS management system with the main objective being to combat the HIV and AIDS pandemic but has since been revised to include and address other Wellness and Disease challenges experienced in the workplace.

    The standard provides a framework from which the workplace can develop effective and efficient responses to their identified wellness, health and disease risks. The focus is on the management of non-occupational related illnesses and other issues that can negatively (or positively if well managed) impact the employer and the employee.

    These non-occupationally induced wellness, health, and disease issues are not traditionally managed under the Occupational Health and Safety or OHSAS 18001/ ISO 45001 Standards. Below are the 11 domains of Health and Wellness that SANS 16001:2020 refers to:

    1. Occupational
    2. Psychological
    3. Environmental
    4. Physical
    5. Medical
    6. Intellectua
    7. Financial
    8. Spiritual
    9. Social
    10. Sexual
    11. Reproductive

    Why does an Organisation need SANS 16001:2020?

    Any organisation can implement a Wellness, Health, and Disease. This standard provides a framework to ensure that the workplace is safe and clean. Through certification, organisations will reassure employees that they are responsible employers.

    Compliance to this standard also reassures customers that companies have addressed the risks involved with productivity, employee engagement, and employee absence.

    The standard can be used as framework, it provides guidance irrespective of the size of the organisation.

    What are the Benefits of Implementing SANS 16001:2020?

    The benefits of implementing SANS 16001:2020 includes:

    • Demonstration of organisational commitment to the wellbeing of the employees,
    • Enhanced organisational image in terms of social responsibility,
    • Increased development of skills and capacity of the wellness committee, managers, peer educators, clinic staff, first aiders, health and safety representatives, etc.,
    • Improved data and statistics on the health determinants and burden of disease within the organisation and improved knowledge on where to focus their efforts,
    • Improved quality of life for employees by preventing and minimising the effects of non-occupational diseases through integrated health care at work,
    • Provision of new insights into the state of non-occupational induced illnesses within the organisation,
    • Assisting employees to change their lifestyle in order to achieve high levels of wellness,
    • Decreased healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee performance and productivity,

    How do I implement SANS 16001:2013 in an organisation?

    ISO Consulting & Implementation:

    We have a range of professional consultants, engineers, and registered auditors to assist in implementing and maintaining any ISO management system. Our industry expertise includes services, telecommunication, manufacturing, construction, engineering services, fast-moving consumer goods, mining, power generation, state owned companies, and government-run organisations. A good consultant takes the time to truly understand the processes of your company.

    Therefore, they can approach the implementation of ISO requirements accordingly. The cost of hiring a consultant and the time spent to implement your ISO management system will definitely pay off in the long run.

    WWISE has a 4-Phase Approach:

    • Phase 1: Gap Analysis Audit and Information Gathering
    • Phase 2: ISO Documentation, Risk Assessment, and Process Mapping
    • Phase 3: Implementation and Coaching
    • Phase 4: Certification

    WWISE provides a turnkey solution which includes templates, 1-on-1 coaching, on-the-job training, and mentorship. As a consulting firm, we do not provide certification services. However, we will guide you through the certification process and ensure that your business becomes certified.

    Why Choose WWISE to assist your organisation?

    An Organisation cannot certify to a guideline standard; you can implement the standard and receive a letter of conformity.