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    Technical Courses

    We offer technical short courses to provide the necessary skills to enhance a delegate’s ability to improve the quality of their products & services.

    These courses range from:

    Report Writing, Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness as well as identifying critical processes. In addition to these, technical courses that refer to machine safety, root-cause analysis, safe stacking and storage.

    Enterprise Development


    Executive Report Writing


    How to Write Procedures


    Mind Mapping


    Negotiating Skills


    9001 & Purchasing




    Partnership Sourcing


    Redefining the Procurement Role

    Health and Safety

    Continuous safety


    Continuous Safety Improvement

    Excavation Safety


    Excavation Safety


    Hearing Conservation Programme


    Legionella Disease


    Machine Safety


    Post-Fall Rescue Training


    Safe Stacking and Storage



    Health and Safety Management


    Developing Effective Safety Training

    Disaster Management and Emergency


    Disaster Management and Emergency Preparedness


    Electricity at Work

    Ergonomics for everyone


    Ergonomics for Everyone

    Ergonomics in the office

    Ergonomics in the office


    Ergonomic Principles


    HAZOP: Training & Awareness

    Health and Safety


    Safety & Health Management – The Basics


    Identifying and Controlling Hazards


    Safety & the Supervisor


    Safety Accountability


    Safety for Small Businesses

    Management System


    Identifying Critical Processes


    Problem-Solving Cycle


    Root Cause Analysis


    Safe Working Legal Procedure


    Technical Report Writing


    Breakthrough-Beyond World Class


    Environmental Action Pack for Hotels


    Change and Management System

    Integrated Auditing


    Integrated Auditing

    Elimination of Waste


    SPC Tools Elimination of Waste

    Non-Schematic Courses


    COID Workshop


    Explosive Regulations – Chapter 6 and 8


    Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis


    Mine Health and Safety Act