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    POPI ACT Awareness
    Course Overview
    Who Should Attend?
    Course Objectives

    POPI ACT Awareness- Course Overview

    Privacy is the constitutional right of everyone in South Africa and is entrenched in the “Bill of Rights”. The POPI Act gives effect to this constitutional right of privacy by requiring safeguards for personal information processed by public and private bodies. Non-compliance may have serious consequences. The course provides delegates with an overview of POPI and the significant obligations placed on those business leaders identified as the “responsible parties” and “information officers”.

    POPI ACT Awareness – Who Should Attend?

    • Legal practitioners, all employees from companies that process personal information this includes, but is not limited to the financial sector, marketing, auditing, risk management, information technology, health care, mobile networks and human resources sectors.
    • Both the public and private sectors, NGO’s, SMME’s, listed and unlisted companies.
    • Anyone that is interested in learning the basics about POPI and how it affects their business.

    POPI ACT Awareness – Course Objectives

    • Articulate the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the conditions for the lawful processing of personal information.
    • Identify the technical and organisational measurements necessary for protecting personal information.
    • Describe the various roles and the responsibilities of the personnel who should be concerned about the protection of personal information.
    • Identify the effort required to meet the requirements of the Protection of Personal Information Act and the conditions for lawful processing personal information contained therein

    POPI ACT Awareness – Benefits

    • Reach within organisation
    • Improved knowledge
    • Ability to protect your privacy and personal information
    • Ability to set rules for what others do with your personal information
    • Ability to provide you with rights and actions you can take against those who do not follow the POPIA.

    POPI ACT Awareness – Certification

    • Delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance.