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POPIA Compliance

    Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) Awareness

    Privacy is the constitutional right of everyone in South Africa and is entrenched in the “Bill of Rights”.
    The POPI Act gives effect to this constitutional right of privacy by requiring safeguards for personal information processed by public and private bodies. Non-compliance may have serious consequences. The course provides delegates with an overview of POPI and the significant obligations placed on those business leaders identified as the “responsible parties” and “information officers”.

    Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) Implementation

    Have you been appointed as an Information Officer or Deputy Information Officer of your organisation? Don’t know what the next steps are? Our POPIA Post-Implementation Course will guide you through the process required to fully comply with the law including providing you with tools to identify and manage risks associated with processing personal information, how and when to engage the Information Regulator, what procedures to put in place to ensure compliance and how to deal with incidents.