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    About Us

    WWISE was established in 2009. WWISE is a woman-owned private company with a Level 1 Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor rating.

    WWISE has several business units, one of which is a Corporate Sustainability and Compliance unit which incorporates our Net Zero professional team.
    The team dedicated to assisting clients achieve Net Zero consists of:

    • Accredited Net Zero Professionals
    • ISO 14001:2015 EMS Lead-Auditors
    • Energy Contract Specialists
    • Carbon Footprint Analysts
    • Energy Efficiency Experts
    • Construction Managers
    • Industrial Engineers
    • Systems Engineers
    • Process Engineers
    • Project Managers
    • EDGE Experts
    • EWP Experts

    Net Zero Explained

    Achieving Net Zero Building Resized

    Net Zero Services

    Net Zero Services Resized

    Net Zero Options

    Net Zero: Carbon

    A building that is highly energy-efficient, and the remaining energy use is from renewable energy, preferably on-site but also off-site where necessary so that there are zero net carbon emissions on an annual basis (Net Zero), or if the energy from renewable energy results in more energy being produced than what is used on site (Net Positive)

    Net Zero: Water

    A building that is designed, constructed and operated to greatly reduce total water consumption, and then use harvested, recycled, and reused water such that the amounts of water consumed is the same as the amounts of water that is produced (Net Zero), or if the water recycled/produced is greater than the water consumed (Net Positive)

    Net Zero: Ecology

    A building that does not reduce the ecological value of the site during development for Greenfield sites (Net Zero), and increases the ecological value of the site for brownfield sites, greenfield sites and/or existing developments (Net Positive)

    Net Zero: Waste

    A building that reduces, reuses, and recovers its waste streams to convert them to valuable resources with zero solid waste sent to landfills over the course of the year (Net Zero), or where the building can take waste from other sites and divert it for reuse, and not to landfill (Net Positive)

    Steps to obtain Net Zero certification

    Step 1

    WWISE conducts a gap analysis to determine the best route to achieve Net Zero

    Step 2

    WWISE provides a report listing options and cost estimates to achieve Net Zero

    Step 3

    WWISE team collaborates with the client to plan for Net Zero

    Step 4

    WWISE drafts the Net Zero certification application and submits it to GBCSA

    Step 5

    GBCSA Technical Evaluation Committee considers application for Net Zero

    Step 6

    GBCSA awards the client with the Net Zero certification

    Net Zero Benefits

    Combat climate change
    Improve indoor air quality
    Increase resale value
    Found all over the country
    Open to commercial & residential
    Allow for low maintenance care
    Reduce or eliminate energy bills
    Unaffected by energy prices
    Create longer-lasting buildings