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POPIA Compliance

    FP&M SETA Unit Standards

    U/S 9964

    Apply Health and Safety to a Work Area

    U/S 9965

    Render Basic First Aid

    U/S 9976

    Apply Basic Business Concepts

    U/S 10008

    Write and Present a Simple Business Plan

    U/S 117082

    Contribute to the Suppression of Wildfires at Basic Fire-Fighting Level

    U/S 119668

    Manage Business Operations

    U/S 120335

    Conduct an Investigation into Workplace Incidents

    U/S 123134

    Apply Herbicides to Noxious Weeds

    U/S 123233

    Cut Felled Timber Using a Chainsaw and Maintain Chainsaws

    U/S 123243

    Operate Brush-Cutters in Commercial Forestry

    U/S 123468

    Explain and Apply Quality Control Procedures

    U/S 12512

    Practice Environmental Awareness

    U/S 13167

    Identify Potential Hazards and Critical Safety Issues in the Workplace

    U/S 15091

    Plan to Manage One’s Time

    U/S 15092

    Plan and Manage Personal Finances

    U/S 7447

    Working with Numbers in Various Contexts

    U/S 9357

    Develop and Use Keyboard Skills to Enter Text