Training Catalogue

    Services Seta
    What does the SSETA do?

    It is the mission of the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (Services SETA) to facilitate skills development that contributes to the national economic growth as these skills enable individuals to find employment or be entrepreneurs.

    Services SETA has about 16 sub-sectors that are grouped into the six chambers, under these chambers which companies are able to be accredited with the SETA:

    • Management and Business Services
    • Personal Care Services
    • Labour and Collective Services
    • Cleaning and Hiring Services
    • Communications and Marketing Services
    • Real Estate and Related Services
    How does WWISE benefit?
    At WWISE, we took the initiative to be recognised by the SETA so that we contribute to the mandate of bridging the skills gap in South Africa. Being a training course provider is a benefit that allows WWISE to train delegates on courses that are recognised by South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and department of education and training.
    How does your organisation benefit?
    Clients are assured that the auditor meets and exceeds the stringent industry standards of quality.