Training Catalogue

    Local government SETA
    What does the LGSETA do?
    The Local Government Sector Education and Training Authority (LGSETA) facilitate the training and up-skilling of various individuals whether unemployed or the employees involved in local government structures. This involves producing and implementing various skills development interventions and learning programmes mainly intended for local government employees and others working within the sphere such as traditional leaders and ward councillors.

    It is LGSETA’s mission to build local governments’ ability and structures to meet its developmental needs through innovative approaches and meeting their constitutional mandate of service delivery. It further improves the lives of South Africans by closing the skills gap.

    How does WWISE benefit?
    At WWISE, we would like to be part of the LGSETA vision training employees involved in local government sector so that they become skilled and capable to deliver on tasks assigned to them. That makes us to also contribute to the mandate of bridging the skills gap in South Africa. Being a training course provider is an advantage that allows WWISE to train delegates on courses that are recognised by South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) and Department of Education and Training (DHET). To be able to impart courses that addresses the service delivery on a local level sphere.
    How does your organisation benefit?
    Clients are assured that the auditor meets and exceeds the stringent industry standards of quality.