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    What does SABS do?

    The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is a statutory body that is mandated to promote quality in connection with commodities, products and services and render conformity assessment services. Internationally, SABS has been a pioneer in working with other institutes involved in standards to develop the prototype to the current ISO 9000 global benchmark in quality management.

    How does WWISE benefit?

    The ISO 9001 standard assists in controlling processes and ensuring client satisfaction and continuous improvement. WWISE is still benefiting from implementing a Quality Management System. This provides WWISE with confidence that all of the services they present to the industry are backed up by SABS certification. Because this is an international standard, WWISE is able to conduct its business worldwide which makes us more aware of our clients’ specific needs and internally assists while continuously sharpening our internal procedures.

    How does your organisation benefit?

    Through ISO 9001:2015, organisations can operate their processes smoothly from top management to lower level employees. Employees become aware of quality and how it applies to their daily duties and can even continue to improve their processes and procedures. This in turn also increases the organisation’s competitiveness and trust in the industry. Organisations are also able to save money and maintain their resources and processes.