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    What does SABS do?

    SABS has built its reputation globally as a long-standing and widely respected role player in international standardisation and the leading standardisation body in Africa. It is for this reason that SABS prides itself in excelling when it comes to ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management which is about securing Business through Process, People and Technology with Simulation tests. SABS continue to put that in place for organisation like ours to benefit from their services and improve our productivity.

    How does WWISE benefit?

    Standards play an important role in the economy by enabling business interaction, assisting companies to comply with relevant laws and regulations, fast-tracking the introduction of innovative products to market, and improving compatibility between new and existing products, services, and processes. Through ISO 22301:2019 WWISE has managed to keep its doors open and even grow its operation through the pandemic by applying the Business continuity best-practice international standard. Consistent preparation on how to react when disaster strikes means a more effective response and a speedier recovery and that is what WWISE continues to experience through ISO 22301:2019 certification.

    How does your organisation benefit?

    When the organisation has its processes in place, it is able to improve the way its business is conducted, ISO 22301:2019 places a much greater emphasis on goal setting, performance evaluation and monitoring as well as the link between business continuity and the strategic approach from top management. Through WWISE your organisation will be able to implement and improve its business continuity even through challenging times.