Training Catalogue

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    What does BQA do?
    Botswana Qualifications Authority is a parastatal that maintains and provides for the National Credit and Qualification Framework. In addition, they coordinate the education, training and skills development quality assurance system within Botswana. BQA implements a common quality assurance platform, regulate compliance, maintain a national database of qualifications, register and accredit education and training providers for learning programmes. BQA further ensure international recognition for the national qualifications system and the international comparability of qualifications in order to contribute toward the development of international competency framework.
    How does WWISE benefit?
    A BQA accreditation for an Education and Training Provider (ETP) benefits WWISE as the quality of the learning programmes we offer, will be recognised in the SADC region and internationally. When WWISE offers BQA accredited courses, we contribute to the mandate of BQA for being the core of competitive knowledge and skills.
    How does your organisation benefit?
    Organisations can offer their employees an opportunity to attend our accredited learning programmes and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired. Which will enable them to competently carry out their duties at the workplace.