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    Protecting Your Organisation’s Digital Assets

    Protecting Your Organisation’s Digital Assets

    Modern organisations utilise the power and accessibility of Information Technology with computers and smart devices for faster and more efficient ways to store and access large databases, valuable contractual agreements, employee records, and financial records. We have access to software solutions to create, access, and store such digital assets. However, these assets carry sensitive information that could cause legal repercussions if they are compromised. Protecting your organisation’s digital assets can be a hassle, especially at the rate that the internet, and IT in general, is growing and evolving.  Professional Information Security Management can protect your digital assets from potential cyber-threats. It will also ensure that your employees are aware of the possibility of creating or causing a leak.

    Being Aware of Cyber-Threats

    Cyber-threats can lead to data leaks and compromised databases or records, targeting sensitive information that, by law, will create severe repercussions when leaked, sold, or made public in other means. The world of Information Technology is consistently growing and evolving, which is a double-edged sword for organisations. On one side, computers and the internet have become invaluable to running a modern business, while posing a threat on the other side through potential cyber-attacks. Therefore, your business requires an Information Security Management System (ISMS) to protect your digital assets. WWISE can develop and implement an ISMS on the framework of the ISO 27001 standard to ensure that your digital assets stay protected from potential new and future cyber-threats. Digital leaks can also happen as a result of human error. Therefore, we also offer professional ISO 27001 Consulting and Training to ensure that your employees have the necessary awareness when accessing your digital assets.

    Compromised Digital Assets

    If your business operates on a database that stores personal and sensitive information on employees, clients, customers, or students, it is your responsibility to ensure that such an asset is not compromised. Password protection is a good idea, but it goes that far. Information Security Management goes beyond a single line of defence to deliver extensive solutions for protecting your organisation’s digital assets. Should there be any sensitive information that is leaked from such a database, the legal implications can be devastating, especially when contractual agreements are in place. Our ISO 27001 Consulting can work for your entire organisation to create the required awareness surrounding the importance of Information Security and learning about how an ISMS can benefit your business.

    ISO 27001 Consulting for My Business

    The ISO 27001 Standard offers an adaptive framework for an ISMS to be developed and implemented for businesses that have digital assets. This standard is published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). Our Information Security consulting solutions ensures that your ISMS adheres to these practices and requirements to make your business conform to ISO and eligible for certification. This framework is flexible to adapt to the specific needs of your business, giving us the means to develop and implement a tailored ISMS that can evolve with your business and deliver the necessary protection in the future.

    WWISE offers professional ISO 27001 consulting and training solutions for your entire organisation. With the development of a tailored ISMS for your business, you can take control of protecting your digital assets by implementing internationally agreed-upon best practices and solutions. We also offer ISO 27001 training courses on our e-Learning platform that put the focus on specific elements of Information Security.

    Taking My Business Into 2021

    2021 is here and brings its own set of unique problems and unprecedented issues. By implementing various ISO Management Systems in your business, you can make a pro-active decision to prepare your company for the challenges ahead. The future remains a mystery with COVID-19 and its undeniable impact on the way we conduct business. It also puts the focus on digital elements of the business, whether it is remote access to databases or utilising the internet as a feasible means to communicate. Therefore, the risk of cyber-threats should be on the radar of any business going into 2021.

    When it comes to ISO 27001 Information Security Consulting, WWISE is your answer. We can assist businesses of any size and operating within any industry with Information Security Management and consulting solutions. For more info on our services, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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