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    Managing Risks and Creating Opportunities

    Managing Risks and Creating Opportunities

    Businesses across the world are facing one of the most challenging and influential threats with the COVID-19 outbreak, forcing us to change the way we conduct everyday business to find a new and more efficient method. Different sectors offer their own unique set of risks. Businesses operating in the industrial sector face constant Occupational Health and Safety risks, as is the case for businesses in retail. Commercial and corporate businesses utilise office space to create a corporate work environment for their employees, which also poses Occupational Health and Safety risks. The introduction of the internet into the world of business and trading also introduced its own set of risks and opportunities.

    Workplace Risk Management

    The 4th Industrial Revolution has paved the way for many organisations to take their business onto various digital platforms, utilising both software and the internet to communicate and get work done. Although this revolution is applicable to many businesses, others are still reliant on physical labour and presence, such as construction and medical care. The world was starting to adapt to 4IR when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, forcing the matter onto businesses that can adapt to such changes. However, Occupational Health and Safety became a large concern for businesses that require physical work environments. This is where feasible risk management solutions can lead to business continuity for the foreseeable future.

    WWISE can develop and implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System for your business, in accordance with the ISO 45001 Standard. This ISO Standard delivers a framework to develop and maintain such a Management System in accordance to the needs of your business. It is adaptable to businesses of any size and within any industry, as Occupational Health and Safety can be threatening to any business that pays no mind to it. In terms of risk management, a business strives to identify, minimise, or eliminate as many possible threats for optimal business continuity. By taking care of your work environment, you will also allow your employees to perform at their best, optimising both productivity and quality in the process.

    Digital Risk Management

    Businesses around the world utilise the internet, smart devices, laptops, and desktop computers daily to conduct business, store sensitive information, access customer databases, and communicate. Although there are many opportunities for businesses on these digital platforms, it is always important to take good care of Information Security as a part of risk management for your business. Many people think that their businesses will never fall victim to a digital attack, until a leak of sensitive information happens. With non-disclosure agreements, privacy policies, and other legally binding documentation in place for most businesses, such a leak can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

    WWISE can develop and implement an Information Security Management System that complies with the framework of ISO 27001 to deliver a feasible and sensible way to address these risks. Instead of fearing for the worst when digitally storing sensitive information, you can ensure that your business is kept safe with an Information Security Management System that is tailored to the needs of your business. No matter the size or the industry in which your business operates, it is vital to protect sensitive information when using digital platforms.

    Quality Control

    The quality of your products and services can either pose a large risk or work in favour of business continuity for your organisation. Some businesses think that their products/services are being produced or delivered at the highest possible quality. Customer satisfaction is commonly a good indication of where your products/services are steering your business. Therefore, by utilising the benefits of a Quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001 Standard, your business can ensure optimised levels of quality production and service delivery. Such a Management System can also increase overall productivity, leading to a boost in customer satisfaction. It is always important to understand the demands of your customers to supply a satisfactory product or service to keep them coming back. By implementing a QMS for your business, you will have the tools to manage and control this aspect of your business.

    WWISE is your business partner regarding development, implementation, and maintenance of various Management Systems in accordance with their relevant ISO Standards. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us today on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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