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    How ISO certification can help you access markets

    The majority of SMMEs are in need of ISO Management Systems to control their processes internally. ISO Certification has been proven beneficial to most industries such as Construction, Engineering, Technology services, Manufacturing, Hotels & Hospitality, Community services, Health and more. While it is often assumed that ISO Management systems are only worthwhile in large corporate environments, any business can benefit from reasonable practices designed to streamline their processes.

    Many people are not aware of what ISO is, therefore our mission is to ensure growth by educating all types of public, commercial and corporate sectors. With our skills, creative thinking and innovative mobile applications we wish to enter the market by being juvenile and bringing fresh ideas to the table in striving towards improving productivity by fulfilling the true definition of the word quality.

    Our ISO Management systems work on a four-phase approach to develop, implement, train and assist organizations through certification. This will give you an overview of how the process works:

    Phase 1: GAP analysis & Identification of processes
    · GAP Analysis Audit
    · Awareness Training on ISO Standards (Requirements)
    · Analyze & identify current systems (processes & procedures) within the company

    Phase 2: ISO Management System Development
    · Management systems manual
    · Process documentation and
    · Risk assessments

    Phase 3: Implementation
    · On the job training and workshops
    · Internal Auditor training
    · Final awareness training on the ISO Management System to all employees

    Phase 4: Certification
    · Continuous Improvement file & handover of ISO Management system
    · Corrective Action Request (CAR)

    If this sounds daunting to you, don’t worry WWISE are here to help. ISO standards are not rigid rules, but rather guidelines into which your business can continuously improve.

    Think about it this way, when you buy a car do you have a peace of mind that it meets a certain level of The European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) standard? Listen to the full interview on How ISO Standards and Quality Management affects SMMEs.

    Clients are becoming more advanced, better informed and their expectations are growing. Having ISO Management Systems provides organizations with the competitive edge over their rivals, by gaining National/International recognition. In fact, any organization, whatever their size or industry sector can give themselves a secure future by introducing ISO Management Systems.

    Our management systems guarantee 100% certification with any certification body such as BSI, Bureau Veritas, SABS and many more.

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