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    Health and Safety Training Solutions

    Health and Safety Training Solutions

    Businesses around the world require a sense and awareness of Occupational Health and Safety to create and offer a safe work environment for their employees. Along with creating a safe work environment, your employees must be trained on how to properly conduct themselves within such an environment to avoid causing any dangerous situations. Health and Safety training will also create a common sense of awareness and guidance on how to deal with dangerous situations accordingly. Therefore, your business can flourish within a safe work environment and avoid any work-related incidents that might lead to serious injury or worse. If you are seeking training for your organisation, WWISE is your answer.

    Welcome to Our E-Learning Portal

    The internet has become invaluable to any business, delivering a digital platform for marketing, advertising, and websites. WWISE offers an E-Learning portal that can serve as a solution regarding Health and Safety training for your business. By utilising the internet, you can ensure that your employees are trained at their convenience, with our E-Learning portal serving as a valuable resource that is available wherever they are. Today, we will be looking at some of our available Health and Safety courses to highlight how they can be effective for your business and work environment.

    Induction for Retail

    Our Induction for Retail course covers a variety of Health and Safety subjects, including Fire Safety, Manual Handling, and Responsibilities. This course is an NQF level 3 course and requires an assessment to complete. The candidate must score at least 50% on this assessment to successfully complete the course. Upon completion, the candidate will be issued with a completion certificate. Should the candidate score less than 50%, they will be issued with a certificate of attendance. This course is recommended for new starters in a non-food retail environment. The outlines of this Health and Safety training course also cover electricity and the potential dangers of utilising electricity within a retail environment. At the end of this course, your employees should have a basic understanding and awareness of the necessary Health and Safety elements within a non-food retail space.

    Display Screen Equipment and Workstations

    One of the most common work environments brings us to office spaces that are filled with computer workstations. Our Health and Safety training course on Display Screen Equipment and Workstations is ideal for people who are constantly working with Visual Display Units (VDUs) and Display Screen Equipment (DSE) within their work environment. This course aims to create awareness surrounding the well-being of the employee working at a workstation with a VDU. It provides a selection of solutions to common problems and how to avoid these problems, as well as how to adjust your workstation for optimal efficiency. The candidates will be assessed after the course, with a pass score of 50% or higher resulting in a certificate of completion. Those who score less than 50% will receive an attendance certificate.

    Fire Safety

    Occupational Health and Safety will always include Fire Safety as a crucial element of maintaining a safe work environment. Our Fire Safety course is ideal for any business or organisation that operates within a building, office space, or any physical work environment where a fire might need to be contained. There are several ways for a fire to start, especially when electricity is involved. Therefore, this course outlines several aspects of Fire Safety that includes responsibilities, laws, policies, risk assessment, and First Aid to deliver a comprehensive training solution for your employees. Candidates will be assessed afterwards and must score at least 50% to receive a completion certificate. Otherwise, they will receive an attendance certificate for this NQF level 3 course.

    The Benefits of an OHSMS for Your Business

    An Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can give your business a feasible method to implement best practices regarding Health and Safety within your organisation. WWISE can develop and implement such a Management System for your business in accordance with the ISO 45001:2018 Standard. We also offer maintenance solutions to ensure that your Management System is up to date and compliant with the latest regulations and guidelines from its accommodating ISO Standard.

    WWISE is your answer when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety solutions for your business. We offer comprehensive training solutions and can develop an OHSMS to ensure that your business has the means to create and maintain a safe work environment for your employees. Please contact us for more information on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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