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    Beneficial ISO 9001 and other Certification Products and Services for Companies in South Africa

    Beneficial ISO 9001 and other Certification Products and Services for Companies in South Africa

    ISO 9001 is the internationally recognised standard for development and implementation of quality management systems. Such systems help companies to continually improve service and product quality and therefore, customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification enables companies to demonstrate their commitment to quality and thus, customer satisfaction. It also gives them a competitive edge over companies that have yet to become ISO 9001 QMS certified. WWISE offers an extensive range of services, including ISO 9001 certification services, of which some are briefly introduced below. We provide gap analyses, internal and supplier audits, and legal audits.

    Gap Analysis

    The gap analysis is performed as an audit to determine shortcomings and non-conformances with the requirements related to a specific ISO standard, such as ISO 9001, as relevant to ISO certification. The gap analysis is exceptionally important to help you understand where you still need to make improvements to your management system implementation for compliance certification. It thus helps your company to only focus on that which must be changed or improved, instead of reinventing the wheel. In many instances, the management system currently in use may already meet many of the requirements.

    It is one of our most-used ISO 9001 certification services. Costing of the gap analysis audit depends on the number of processes, total number of days, the size and complexity of your organisation’s processes, compliance requirements, and legal requirements. You can choose between having one auditor conducting the audits over several days and multiple auditors doing so in a day. To ensure that the quote for the gap analysis is correct, we need to know how many departments or processes must be audited, the legal requirements where relevant, the number of employees per department or process, and the scope of the organisation, and to which ISO standard the organisation’s management system must be audited.

    Supplier and Internal Audits

    As part of our ISO 9001 certification services, we offer supplier audits to determine your compliance with legal and ISO requirements. An organisation will make use of our internal audit services for getting an objective view of their current ISO standard conformance or when they want to maintain their ISO 9001 quality management system. The internal first-party audit is also useful for when the organisation wants an objective and independent review of its conformance with ISO 9001 before they are subjected to the third-party official certification audit. If your organisation falls within any of the above categories, you stand to benefit from our internal auditing services. We also perform audits on behalf of the company’s suppliers and refer to such audits as second-party audits.

    Legal Requirements Audit

    Though not directly related to ISO 9001 certification, the legal requirements audits are still important, as conformance with ISO standard requirements also entails conformance with the country’s legislation. These audits specifically measure compliance with the requirements of the OHS Act, Mining Health and Safety Act, and legislative requirements that are in line with the requirements of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, and which may have to be in line with acts such as the Hazardous Substance, National Environmental Management, National Air Quality, Water Service, Noise Control, Environmental Conservation, or Tobacco Controls Act (or other related acts). ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 management systems are often integrated into a single management system. The ISO 9001 QMS is also often integrated with OHSAS 18001 management systems and as such, the legal audits are useful for companies that wish to comply with ISO 9001 for certification purposes.

    ISO 9001 Compliant Management System Development and Implementation

    We assist clients in developing and implementing ISO-compliant management systems, in addition to integrating the management systems with their current ISO-compliant management systems. This is done in phases and streamlined to ensure minimum time and resource wastage and maximum conformance with certification requirements. To get an ISO 9001-compliant quality management system, contact our consultants to set up a meeting. They will present a proposal, the gap analysis will follow, and we will quote accordingly. The system is implemented, training is conducted, and then ongoing system management follows.

    Identifying Training Requirements

    We also assist clients in identifying their training needs and the relevant training paths to follow to ensure that their employees understand their roles, the compliance requirements, implementation steps, and certification requirements. The service is useful, as it helps to identify the appropriate training.

    Supply of Integrated Management Software

    Due to the ongoing pressure for improved governance risk management, companies need to invest in enterprise-wide integrated software for management it, rather than relying on outdated spreadsheet-based solutions. We provide organisations with applicable software specific to their business which also makes it easier to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 and other ISO management systems certification requirements. The platform enables streamlining and standardisation of documentation across the entire organisation and helps the organisation to become fully compliant with ISO requirements.

    ISO Templates

    We also provide a full range of ISMS templates, which you can use for preparing your company for ISO certification. Templates range from ISO 27001 ISMS and ISO 9001 QMS templates to ISO 31 000 risk templates. We also provide implementation templates with e-learning videos, which will make it possible for your company to develop and implement ISO-compliant management systems at very affordable prices.

    Auditing Toolkits

    You can purchase relevant auditing toolkits for internal audits, such as ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 20 000-1 IT-SMS, ISO 50 0001 EnMS, ISO 45 001, and OHSAS 18001 OHS-MS auditing toolkits. These kits are also available with instructions. With an exceptionally wide range of ISO standards, it may be difficult at first to ascertain with which standards your company must comply. However, with our consultancy assistance, it is possible to determine which ISMS to implement and how to integrate the various management systems for streamlined administration and management. This will help to save on the costs of managing compliance with various ISO standards, including ISO 9001.

    Importance of Certification

    Though ISO 9001 certification is not compulsory, it is beneficial for various reasons. Your organisation gets documented proof of compliance; in addition, you show your trade partners and clients that you are committed to quality, client satisfaction, and relevant legislative requirements. Certification helps to gain a competitive edge over competitors who are not yet compliant with the ISO 9001 standard or related ISO standards, and have not yet gone through the certification process. In addition, your firm will benefit from ongoing improvements, reduced waste, improved risk control, and legislative compliance.

    Make use of our comprehensive range of ISO certification services to help make the process of ISO 9001 certification easier and more cost-effective.

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