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    Wikus Van Niekerk

    Legal and Compliance Specialist

    Wikus Credibility


    • Bachelor of Commerce in Law
    • Candidate Chartered Secretary CS(SA)


    • Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices.

    Meet Wikus van Niekerk, a seasoned expert with a wealth of expertise in legal, compliance, and executive assistant jobs across numerous sectors. Wikus has two degrees from the esteemed IIE Varsity College: a Bachelor of Commerce in Law and a Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices.

    Wikus’ current position as Company Secretary for WWISE is evidence of his proficiency in corporate law and regulatory compliance. He is also a candidate for Chartered Secretary CS(SA), a title that further demonstrates his dedication to excellence in the workplace.

    Wikus has worked in a number of businesses over the years, from manufacturing to software services, honing his talents and gaining insightful knowledge. He has been able to offer strategic advice and direction to both his employers and clients because to his legal expertise and commercial acumen.

    Wikus is a creative and resourceful individual with a track record of accomplishment who is committed to providing top-notch results. He is a valuable asset to any company and works hard to stay abreast of the most recent business trends and best practices.