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    Professional SHEQ Consultants and Solutions

    SHEQ – Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality – covers 4 essential elements of any organisation. Occupational Health and Safety has been under the proverbial microscope over the past few years because of COVID-19 and its direct impact on the workplace. Environmental Management considers the impact that your organisation has on its immediate surroundings and environment, which is crucial in several industries. Quality Management ensures that you deliver optimised products/services to your customers, and with an Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety System, and a Quality Management System which is aligned with the respective ISO Standards, your organisation can thrive.

    Choose WWISE as Your SHEQ Consultants

    WWISE offers an all-inclusive approach to SHEQ consulting and training solutions for your organisation. We can assist businesses around the world, no matter the size of the organisation, or which industry it operates in. Whether you need training or seek ISO compliance/certification, we have got you covered. We also feature a complete e-Learning platform that can serve as a resource hub and give your organisation the edge over your competitors. Therefore, it is always a smart idea to consider SHEQ consulting and training to elevate your business and align your organisation with the latest accommodating ISO Standards.

    SHEQ Representative Course

    WWISE offers a SHEQ representative course that covers key elements of Health, Safety, and Quality in your organisation. Such a representative will be tasked with duties and obligations of implementing and monitoring specific legislative procedures surrounding SHEQ-related incidents in the workplace. Our SHEQ representative course will teach them the necessary skills to identify any SHEQ-related issues and consult with the necessary authorities to come up with an efficient solution to resolve them promptly.

    SHEQ-Related Management Systems for Your Organisation

    Apart from our SHEQ representative course, WWISE also offers SHEQ-related ISO compliance solutions. We can develop and implement several Management Systems that are aligned with specific ISO Standards to give your business the means to reach new heights and grow. The objective is to ensure that your organisation complies with SHEQ-related ISO Standards to allow you to become ISO certified. WWISE can also assist with in-house training and maintenance solutions to ensure that you maintain your ISO certification and properly utilise the functions of your Management Systems.

    Choose WWISE today as your comprehensive solution to SHEQ consulting, training, and ISO implementation for your business. No matter the size of your business or in which sector you operate, we can assist you in broadening your horizons and giving you the competitive edge. Please browse our website for details on how we can assist your business or contact us directly with any enquiries today.

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