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    Why all your employees need information security training

    Information security training is essential for all employees in your organisation, especially for compliance with the ISO 27001:2013 standard.

    Information is a commodity, and a valuable asset in any company. It takes the form of trade secrets, patents, designs, customer lists, supplier lists, and more. It should be protected adequately. However, information security is not just about the technology to store or protect the data. It is also about people accessing the information. As such, information security training must be provided to all employees to avoid information breaches that leave the company vulnerable and can affect its standing with clients.

    Information, as an asset, poses a risk. It is thus a risk that must be managed just as an environmental risk must be controlled. However, far too often, companies ignore the importance of protecting information. The corporate mindset must change, and this is why information security training is essential.

    The office secretary in a small company, as well as the receptionist, maintenance crew, sales person, and floor manager are equally responsible for protecting the information assets of the company. However, they may not be aware of how their actions put the company at risk. It takes just one email to leave the company vulnerable.

    Information security training is also about information stored in paper format. As such, there must be policies and procedures in place regarding communication, sharing of information, storage, and more. Yet, not many smaller companies have these systems in place. ISO 27001 provides the framework and requirements for setting up and maintaining an information security management system to protect the data and information of the company and its clients.

    Cyber security threats increase by the day and the sophistication level of such threats is high. Employees access the web daily. They communicate via email and engage in social media activities. Every digital interaction poses a severe threat to the company and must be managed accordingly. Likewise, leaving files on the desk, or not disposing of redundant client information in a secure manner, can lead to severe data breaches.

    Information security must be built into every aspect of managing your organisation. Your customers rely on you to keep their information safe. Any breaches in your information security also puts your customers at risk. As such, it is not a choice, but a responsibility towards your trading partners, customers, stakeholders, and employees to ensure that your employees get the required information security training from a reputable training provider.

    We offer such training and will enable you to enrol several delegates at a time through our e-Learning platform. The benefit of the platform is that your employees do not have to travel to get to a training centre. As such, work hours lost, and travel costs are significantly reduced.

    The information security training is also essential for compliance purposes. You will need to develop information security awareness among employees; therefore, we recommend our awareness training. To successfully develop and implement an ISO 27001 information security management system, you will need to ensure that the leadership of the company is on board. They too, require training. This also applies to your IT personnel. In addition, you will need to enrol relevant employees in the information security training for auditing, as internal audits are a requirement for compliance with ISO 27001.

    Our awareness training introduces ISO 27001, and helps your employees to understand the importance of information security within your organisation. It is relevant to anyone in your company. The course provides an overview of what an information security management system is, and how it can help your company. It also covers the requirements of ISO 27001:2013, implementation of the ISMS, identification of valuable information assets, vulnerabilities associated with the information assets, conducting risk assessments, and setting control objectives.

    Enrolling your employees in the information security awareness training reduces the likelihood of data breaches, and associated fines or financial losses. If the employees are trained, they are less likely to be responsible for information breaches. Your organisation thus saves on future costs related to breach incidents.

    Gain credibility with your clients by making sure your information security management is ISO 27001-compliant. Start by enrolling your employees in information security training through our e-Learning platform.

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