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    Who Benefits from ISO Standards?

    “What’s the best way of doing this?” is a fundamental question that founded ISO. ISO Standards benefit small and medium-sized businesses, allowing for better regulation with regards to international trade and providing quality and value for money for consumers. These ISO Standards help businesses to reduce costs, increase productivity and gain access to new markets.

    Reasons Why Your Organisation should have ISO.

    Very few organisations know the meaning of ISO Standards or understand the importance of it. Multiple ISO standards were created to offer guidance, coordination, simplification, and unification in organisations and products. Quality parameters are standardised with the use of these ISO standards. This can be highly beneficial to any organisation as the ISO Standard’s documents specify the materials, products, processes, and services that are suitable for the organisation’s purpose.

    Benefits of implementing ISO:

    Organisations, small, medium-sized, or large, benefit from implementing ISO standards. Once customers and other stakeholders realise that an organisation is ISO certified, they become more confident that products and services offered are superior and the company is reliable. This allows companies to operate across borders which increases sales and revenue. Embracing these standards benefit businesses in the following ways:

    • Their reliability is demonstrated to stakeholders such as suppliers and purchasers.
    • Performance is improved which will satisfy your customers and your organisation will have more efficient ways of working.
    • When you see the International Standard logo as a customer or as a business, you can be confident that the services and goods you are receiving are of high quality.
    • Possessing an ISO quality certificate will result in an increase in sales and revenue for your business. If you are looking to trade internationally, ISO standards certification will build your business and function as a drive to opening new markets.
    • For organisations to survive there must be risk reductions in the organisation. ISO standards prepare you to deal with different types of risks, so you are better equipped.


    Every type of business needs to be innovative to grow. When a consumer purchases your products or services, be it a small or big company, they need to feel confident that you operate safely, and that the goods produced are dependable and will not cause harm to the environment or the customer.

    Industries that Benefit from ISO Standards:

    • Industrial – Throughout the day, most manufacturing processes are repeated. That makes it even more critical that such processes are as efficient as possible. Furthermore, production requires a high level of safety, both for the personnel who make the products and for the customers who receive the finished goods.
    • Construction – Safety is, of course, a major concern in the construction industry, and relying on internationally recognised best practices will be especially beneficial in an industry where deadlines and budgets are frequently pressed.
    • Engineering – Engineers, like workers in other industries, are exposed to many dangers at work, necessitating the implementation of safety protocols like Occupational Health and Safety Standards. An example of this is ISO 45001:2018.
    • The Finance industry — Banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses, and other financial organisations seek ISO certification to ensure compliance with numerous data privacy laws and regulations and to prevent data breaches such as implementing ISO 27001:2013.
    • IT organisations —As this sector interacts with digital data directly, ISO Standards implementation are required for software and IT support organisations.
    • Government agencies — Government agencies deal with sensitive information, and these standards assist by keeping that information safe and not easily accessible.


    Implementing ISO Standards will benefit organisations in multiple ways.

    WWISE creates excellence by driving the success of our clients through ISO standards. We help organisations to embed resilience, helping them to cultivate sustainably, adapt to any change, and thrive for the long term.

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