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    The Importance of Protecting Sensitive Information

    The Importance of Protecting Sensitive Information

    Many businesses have databases with sensitive information on their employees, employers, and customers. A large and very important aspect of such a business is to protect the sensitive information to avoid confidentiality breaches, data loss, or data corruption. Non-disclosure agreements are very common clauses that are added to contracts and agreements between businesses, their employees, and their clients. These clauses prevent both parties from leaking sensitive information that would capsize the agreement between them or jeopardise one of the involved parties. Therefore, having a solid and reliable Information Security Management System in place, can be very beneficial for such a business.

    Since Information Technology is still a relatively new industry and is constantly developed and implemented to serve different purposes, it is still very volatile in nature. Therefore, it opens the door for security breaches once a system is in place that stores sensitive information about people. To combat this, we offer consultants who can assist you in the development and implementation of an Information Security Management System that meets international standards. The results will speak for themselves, as you will have a system that can prevent others from leaking or using sensitive information about your employees, employers, and clients.

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    The ISO 27001:2013 standard is an international standard that is implemented by the International Organisation for Standardisations (ISO) regarding Information Security Management Systems. This specific standard was published on 25 September 2013 to replace the previous standard that was agreed upon in 2005. Due to the rapid progress and development of the digital frontier, this standard will probably get revised more frequently than others. However, if your business needs a solution, we can be of assistance. The ISO 27001:2013 standard consists of various clauses and controls to ensure that it covers the necessary aspects of a business to properly function within the business. Some clauses cover the shareholders, scope, organisational context, referencing method, and terms and definitions of a business. Others focus on information security leadership and high-level support policy requirements to assist in the planning of an information security management system for a business.

    Although this standard covers many aspects of a business’s Information Security, it also assists in making such a system operational for a business, along with the necessary support elements for such a system. The final clauses in the ISO 27001:2013 standard cover system performance assessment and guidelines for correction. This standard provides a means to ensure that specific procedures and policies are in place to protect data integrity and assure the people who are involved in your business that such a system meets international standards. The requirements to comply with the ISO 27001:2013 standard will ensure that your information security management system can minimise the risk of data loss, data corruption, and confidentiality breaches.

    Our approach to the implementation of the ISO 27001:2013 standard is a top-down risk-minimisation approach. This consists of multiple phases when developing a compliant Information Security Management System for your business. By utilising the guidelines in the standard, a business can carefully plan their security policy, define their system, and review and manage identified risks to improve on their currently employed system. The results are that such a business can choose the relevant control objectives and develop an applicability statement accordingly. Our consultants can assist you through this entire process to ensure that your business can develop and implement an Information Security Management System that is compliant to ISO 17001:2013 and works to the benefit or your business.

    No matter the size of the business, where you are located in the world, or what industry you operate in, your business will benefit greatly from the development and implementation of such a system. By meeting international standards with such a system, you will assure the safety and security of sensitive information within your business. This can create potential business opportunities by attracting other people and businesses with the assurance that their information will be safe and secure when doing business with you.

    WWISE is your answer to ISO compliance and systems development for your business. We can accommodate any business, no matter the size, location, or industry. For more info on how you can elevate your business by meeting ISO standards, contact us today on 086 109 9473, or email us on Choose us today and put your business on a competitive level with us on your side.

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