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    SHERQ Consulting Solutions – Health and Safety

    SHERQ Consulting Solutions – Health and Safety

    SHERQ consulting focuses on Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Risk Management, and Quality Management, offering an all-inclusive solution for an organisation that wants to make the best of its processes by aligning them with ISO standard requirements. Occupational Health and Safety is playing a pivotal role in today’s workplace. With our SHERQ consulting solutions, you can have the peace of mind that WWISE can give your business the means to create a safe workspace for your employees, aligned with the accommodating ISO standards.

    Online Health and Safety Training Courses

    WWISE utilises an e-Learning platform that offers a wide selection of Occupational Health and Safety training courses for specific work environments, whether it is retail, office, or industrial. Our e-Learning portal can also be a valuable and accessible resource hub for your business to learn about ISO Standards and their potential benefits when they are correctly implemented. Some ISO standards focus on specific work environments, while others can be adapted to suit businesses of any size and within any industry. When it comes to Occupational Health and Safety, we offer online training courses on Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) development and implementation to ensure that your business is ready for 2021. We also offer annual maintenance solutions to ensure that your company stays conformant to ISO requirements and statutory and regulatory requirements.

    Our online Health and Safety training courses include Induction for Retail, Maintenance and Factory, Housekeeping, and Office and Reception. Workstations with computers have their own challenges, making it important to create awareness about Occupational Health and Safety for people working with visual display units (VDUs) and display screen equipment (DSEs). We offer a course that addresses Health and Safety problems with specific regards to workstations. We also offer a First Aid Theory course for basic first aid for any work environment where first aid could be required. Our Fire Safety training course can also be a good option to train your employees on how to handle such a situation within a workplace. Therefore, our Health and Safety courses can get your business on the right track to improve several aspects of workplace safety and awareness.

    Creating a Safe Workplace Has Its Own Challenges

    Workplaces are forced to adopt new methods to avoid COVID-19 transmission within the workplace. Some organisations can allow their employees to work from home in an effort to reduce the risk of the workplace being infected with COVID-19. On the other hand, physical labour cannot be done from home. This creates a problem for businesses in the industrial sector, making their work environments susceptible to outbreaks. There have been several COVID-19 protocols introduced since the initial outbreak. However, basic Occupational Health and Safety elements should still be introduced and followed within any workplace. This is where our Health and Safety consulting solutions can be the answer for your organisation.

    The ISO 45001 Standard

    The ISO 45001 Standard is published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), consisting of members that represent a multi-national selection of standardisation organisations. This standard delivers a framework on which an OHSMS can be developed and implemented for businesses that want to align themselves with ISO requirements, aiming for complete compliance and certification. Our Health and Safety consulting solutions can assist your organisation with an OHSMS that aligns with ISO 45001, together with suitable maintenance solutions to keep your OHSMS up to date with the latest regulations. As a result, your business will comply to internationally agreed-upon best practices for creating a safe, healthy, and functional work environment for your employees. Whether it is online courses through our e-Learning platform or OHSMS development and implementation, we have you covered.

    When it comes to Occupational Health and Safety Consulting services and OHSMS solutions, WWISE is your answer. Our SHERQ consulting solutions will allow your business to take control of Occupational Health and Safety to create a safe workplace by ensuring that your employees are clued up on the specific dangers in their work environment and how to react to dangerous situations. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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