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    SHEQ Training Solutions for Your Organisation

    SHEQ Training Solutions for Your Organisation

    SHEQ Training covers a spectrum of crucial and pivotal elements of running a successful, safe, and productive business in today’s world. Elements include subjects such as Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Awareness, and Quality Management. WWISE offers certificate courses in South Africa, allowing your organisation to take the next step in competitiveness within your industry. With several accredited training courses to choose from, we can assist your employees to gain the necessary knowledge regarding the specific ISO Standards that are related to Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Awareness and Responsibility, and Quality Management.

    SHEQ Internal Auditing Course

    As part of our SHEQ training solutions, we offer our SHEQ internal auditing course to ensure that your business has an individual who can perform internal auditing on these specific elements. Those who complete this course can also move on to the Lead Audit course. Our SHEQ internal auditing course stretches over 3 days to ensure that every important aspect is thoroughly covered. The auditor will then be able to perform internal auditing on several Management Systems within your organisation, including a QMS, EMS, and OHSMS. Such audits can identify gaps and areas of concern within the Management Systems and/or business processes, which will be essential for the maintenance aspect of these systems.

    The Importance of a Management System’s maintenance cannot be stressed enough. When your organisation has implemented a Management System in accordance with its relevant ISO Standard, regulatory maintenance will ensure that your Management System stays up to date with the latest regulations and guidelines according to its ISO Standard. It will also address problematic elements that have been picked up by your internal auditor. Therefore, your Management Systems will grow and develop alongside your business, assisting in various processes and protocols to optimise the functionality and operations of your organisation.

    Health and Safety Lead Auditor Course

    Occupational Health and Safety is one of the most important elements of any business, especially throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. By creating a safe work environment for your employees, your business will flourish without the worry of consistent injuries or potentially dangerous situations. Although the industrial sector has always been on top of Occupational Health and Safety, the commercial sector is quickly catching up. We offer an essential course for individuals who require the necessary skills to lead audit teams when conducting Occupational Health and Safety audits. This covers every aspect of modern-day Occupational Health and Safety and its accommodating Standards in South Africa, serving as a gateway for individuals who want to become lead auditors.

    The Importance of SHEQ Elements for My Business

    Occupational Health and Safety aside, Environmental Awareness is also a large concern for many businesses, especially those within the industrial sector. Product manufacturing usually requires proper waste management, which is a key element of Environmental Responsibility. Pollution output must also be controlled to ensure that your organisation does not have a negative impact on your direct surroundings. These elements make up the environmental aspect of SHEQ training, equipping your employees with the necessary knowledge and awareness surrounding the environment.

    Quality Management is the final piece to the SHEQ training puzzle. When you run a business that delivers products and services to your customers, the quality of your products and services will determine whether your business is successful and competitive within your market. People expect a level of quality from brands that they choose. However, they choose their brands based on the quality and price of their products. Although product pricing will always fluctuate, the quality of your products and services must be at optimal levels to ensure that your customers are satisfied. Customer satisfaction leads to recurring business, which in turn results in brand conviction for your organisation. When people trust your brand and the quality it represents, your business will be competitive within your specific market.

    WWISE is your partner when it comes to SHEQ training. We also develop and implement various Management Systems for businesses around the world. If you want your organisation to be ISO certified, we are your first step towards ISO compliance. Although WWISE is not a certification body, we can align you with an accommodating Certification Body to ensure that your organisation can be ISO certified once your Management Systems have been developed and implemented. We also offer regulatory maintenance solutions for such systems. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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