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    Quality Management System Solutions for 2021

    Quality Management System Solutions for 2021

    The ISO 9001 standard offers a flexible framework for developing a Quality Management System (QMS) for organisations of any size and within any industry. A QMS that complies with the ISO 9001 Standard will allow your business to be eligible for ISO 9001 certification. By being ISO certified, you can elevate your business to new heights within your industry, attracting new business opportunities and ensuring customer satisfaction with optimal and expected levels of product and/or service quality. WWISE is not a certification body. However, we can assist your business with ISO 9001 Consulting, QMS development, implementation, and ISO Training courses on our e-Learning portal.

    Improving Quality Output of My Business with ISO 9001

    The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) represents various standardisation organisations from around the world. As an organisation, ISO determines best practices and industry standards to create frameworks for various Management Systems that can be adapted and implemented by businesses around the world. The ISO 9001 Standard delivers a framework for a Quality Management System to equip your business to optimise quality output and customer satisfaction.

    The purpose of the ISO 9001 standard is to implement a functional Quality Management System that optimises your business processes, covering everything from basic product manufacturing to final service delivery. Your QMS can assist to identify problematic areas where you could optimise the efficiency of your processes to deliver better quality in terms of cost-efficiency and meeting customer standards. Continual maintenance also addresses such identified issues, allowing us to adjust and improve your QMS to grow with your business. As a result, your business can become more competitive within your industry by satisfying your customers and optimising the quality of your products/services.

    ISO 9001 Compliance and Certification

    WWISE delivers extensive solutions regarding ISO 9001 and Quality Management Systems. Although we are not a certification body, we can assist your organisation to reach ISO 9001 compliance. In the case where you seek certification as well, we can align your business with the accommodating certification body. Our ISO 9001 consulting solutions will also focus on the importance of QMS maintenance and how to ensure that your business keeps its certification moving forward, especially when you have a scheduled check-up with the certification body.

    ISO 9001 Training and Consulting Solutions

    WWISE can assist your business to identify areas where you can improve regarding quality output and cost efficiency of your business processes by developing and implementing a Quality Management System that is tailored specifically for your business on the framework that is provided by the ISO 9001 standard. WWISE also offers ISO 9001-related training courses. Our e-Learning portal has a selection of training courses that can make a real difference in your organisation regarding elements such as Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety, and Workplace Safety. This portal can serve as an educational tool for your entire organisation.

    At the Beginning of a New Year

    2020 introduced a sequence of unprecedented problems, mostly caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and the efforts to slow down the rapid potential spread of this deadly virus. The challenges of COVID-19 within the workplace will remain as a primary focus for business going into the new year as various protocols are enforced to limit the spread of the virus within the workplace, storefronts, and similar public spaces within an organisation. With the uncertainty of what is to come in 2021, we should prepare for its challenges and ensure that our organisations can adapt to the new normal.

    With us on your side, your business can take full advantage of a QMS that is developed to comply to the ISO 9001 framework and its latest ISO regulations and requirements. No matter what your business will face in 2021, your QMS can meet the requirements of your business to give you the means to achieve customer satisfaction through optimal levels of quality output regarding your products/services. If your business seeks Quality Management System consulting, development, implementation, or ISO 9001 Training, we can be of service to your business. For more info, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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