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    Protecting Sensitive Information for Your Business

    Protecting Sensitive Information for Your Business

    The 4th Industrial Revolution began with the introduction of Information Technology to the world of business and trade. The internet is one of the fastest-growing digital platforms in the world, being constantly used by businesses for marketing, trading, and communicating purposes. Many businesses are solely based online today, thriving on e-commerce and digital storefronts to deliver their products and services to their customers. Another good example is Google, delivering digital solutions for businesses. Although the internet carries so many benefits for a business, it also carries risk in terms of Information Security.

    How Does My Business Benefit from Information Technology?

    IT is commonly neglected by larger organisations, especially those in industries that do not regularly utilise digital platforms. However, laptops and desktop computers are used in most businesses around the world to keep track of valuable information, access client databases, and communicate via the internet. Although it might seem like nobody can gain access to your servers, you will be surprised at how large the risk is when your business does not implement any digital Information Security solutions to protect sensitive data.

    The Legal Aspect of Sensitive Information

    Organisations have legally binding contracts for various elements of their business, protecting their clients, business partners, and products. The 1st element of these contracts is to instil confidentiality between the 2 involved parties, especially when it comes to non-disclosure agreements, embargo, and privacy policies. Legally, there will be severe consequences when such agreements are leaked, which can easily happen when your business utilises digital platforms and databases. WWISE can assist your business to give you the necessary framework to control Information Security elements and avoid any leaks. By following the framework of ISO/IEC 27001, we can develop and implement an Information Security Management System that caters to the specific needs of your organisation.

    How Can an ISMS Assist My Business?

    WWISE can develop and implement a custom Information Security Management System that is tailored for your business, while complying to the ISO/IEC 27001 Standard. This Standard is set forth by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and is an internationally agreed-upon framework that delivers the necessary requirements and guidelines to develop and implement an Information Security Management System that aligns with industry-best practices. This standard can be adapted to suit businesses of any size and within any industry, giving your organisation a competitive edge.

    Trust and Conviction

    Running a business would sometimes require that you store sensitive information about your customers, of which there could be thousands. Digital software solutions allow us to import such information within a digital database that can be accessed by smart devices and computers on your network. Many countries around the world have legal policies and acts in place to protect personal information, which falls on the shoulders of businesses to keep their database confidential. An Information Security Management System can assist in such regards, ensuring that your stored information is safely stored and only accessed by the intended people.

    The same rings true for businesses that are forced to sign confidentiality agreements with their partners. Such agreements protect both parties from leaking sensitive information that might cripple or derail future products or services. When a confidentiality agreement is in place, it commonly shows that vital information is withheld from the public eye until the time is right to reveal it. An embargo would normally walk hand-in-hand with such agreements, giving both parties a date on which they are free of the agreements. To avoid any legal disputes, an Information Security Management System can assist your business to control the way you protect your side of such agreements.

    Moving Forward

    There are many speculations of how technology will change the future. Although it is impossible to predict the outcome, you can prepare your business accordingly. IT is not going anywhere, as this field of technology keeps evolving and expanding into various industries around the world. Therefore, by choosing WWISE, we can develop and implement an Information Security Management System to serve the needs of your organisation. We also offer regulatory maintenance solutions to keep your Management System up to date with the latest ISO Standard requirements.

    WWISE is your business partner regarding Information Security Management. We also offer solutions for other Management Systems regarding subjects such as Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Control. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us today on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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