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    Our Solutions for Safety Training in 2021

    Our Solutions for Safety Training in 2021

    Occupational Health and Safety is an instrumental aspect of organisations within the commercial and industrial sectors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Workplaces that include construction sites, offices, and storefronts are very susceptible to spreading the virus through human contact. Therefore, it becomes a focal point of any business when Occupational Health and Safety is brought up. industrial facilities are aware of the importance of Occupational Health and Safety to create a safe workspace and reduce the risk of occupational injuries or health complications. Adding COVID-19 restrictions into the picture, Occupational Health and Safety becomes absolutely pivotal for businesses in 2021. WWISE offers Health and Safety Training and Consulting solutions for your organisation, along with OHSMS development, implementation, and maintenance.

    The Importance of Office Space Safety Training

    Office space cannot be compared to industrial facilities regarding Occupational Health and Safety rules and regulations. However, there are still risks involved when working in an office. WWISE offers courses that handle on safety-related issues within such an office space. Our Induction for Office and Reception Course is designed for new starters in an office environment. This course covers crucial elements such as employee responsibilities, workstations, Display Screen Equipment (DSE), office layouts, electricity safety, fire safety, and human interaction. We also have a safety course that handles specifically on DSE and Workstations, designed for people who are continually working on visual display units (VDUs).

    This course handles on how to adjust your workstation to fit your need and preferences and ensure that you can stay healthy. There are several health-related problems that can occur when continually working at a workstation. This course offers feasible solutions to counter these problems. Standing desks are the latest trend in modern office spaces. These desks can be adjusted to suit a person that is standing in front if it as opposed to sitting by lifting the counter of the desk higher when they want to stand and work for a while. The aim of this short course is to increase the overall health and safety of employees working in an office space and spending most of their time at workstations with VDUs.

    Our Selection of E-Learning Courses

    WWISE offers an e-Learning platform that has a variety of Occupational Health and Safety Training courses that are applicable to various specific industries. Our Induction to Retail course is designed for new starters in a non-food retail environment. This course covers various aspects of Occupational Health and Safety within such a work environment, such as employee responsibilities and manual handling. It also covers other aspects that include fire safety, electricity safety, and interaction with customers within the workplace. This course will assist your employees to be more aware of the dangers within a non-food retail environment, preparing and equipping them to avoid dangerous situations and handle occupational incidents responsibly.

    Our Induction to Maintenance and Factory Safety training course is specifically designed for new starters in a factory or maintenance work environment. The course outlines various safety aspects in such a work environment. These aspects include fire safety, lighting, working at height, ventilation, manual handling, workspace layout, and risk assessment to create employee awareness and minimise workplace incidents.

    Developing and Implementing an OHSMS for Your Business

    Apart from our e-Learning platform, WWISE can develop and implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) that is based on the ISO 45001 framework. Such a Management System allows your organisation to manage and maintain a safe work environment for your employees. WWISE also offers maintenance solutions to ensure that your OHSMS complies to current ISO standards. 2021 is upon us and businesses are forced to deal with COVID-19 protocols and restrictions, emphasising the importance of a safe and healthy workspace where the possibility of transmitting the virus is minimised. An OHSMS can assist you in dealing with the challenges of a safe workspace, and we can assist you to develop and implement an OHSMS that is tailored for your business.

    If you need Health and Safety Training solutions or ISO 45001 Consulting, WWISE is your first choice. For more info on our services, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at today.

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