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    Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Solutions for Your Business

    Occupational Health and Safety Compliance Solutions for Your Business

    The COVID-19 outbreak has affected the way of life for many people around the world. It has also affected the way we conduct business, especially for businesses with physical outlets and store locations. The world of Occupational Health and Safety will forever be changed by COVID-19 to reduce the chances of spreading this deadly virus among co-workers. Many businesses are at a loss on how to approach the new regulations regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the ISO 45001:2018 Standard can assist regarding the management of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.

    How Can ISO Standards Assist My Business?

    ISO Standards are internationally agreed-upon standards that are set forth by the International Organisation for Standardisation. This multi-national organisation publishes ISO Standards to give businesses around the world frameworks and guidelines to build a Management System for specified areas of their businesses that include Occupational Health and Safety. The ISO 45001:2018 Standard handles on this specific subject, and this is where we come in. WWISE can develop and implement an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) in accordance with the framework of ISO 45001:2018 to suit the needs of your business.

    How Can WWISE Assist My Business?

    Developing and implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System can make a notable difference for many businesses around the world. Apart from taking care of that element, we also offer recurring maintenance solutions to ensure that your business stays on top of Health and Safety concerns in the workplace. Having such a Management System will give you the necessary tools to optimise the workplace for optimal performance and employee safety. Nobody can predict where the COVID-19 crisis will go, but we can prepare for what lies ahead.

    Training and e-Learning

    WWISE offers training and e-Learning solutions for businesses around the world. Our digital e-Learning platform can serve as a valuable resource for businesses that want to take a step towards ISO compliance and certification regarding Occupational Health and Safety and other ISO Standards. WWISE is not a Certification Body but can assist your business in ISO compliance and aligning yourself with the ideal Certification Body in accordance to the ISO Standards that your business can be certified for. In the end, ISO certification will make your business more competitive in its market by giving you the opportunity to attract more customers and investors.

    Facing the Future

    Although the future is uncertain, your business should focus on business continuity throughout these challenging times. In the case where your employees can work from the comfort and safety of their own homes, it is recommended by many countries around the world that such businesses adopt the work-from-home policy for Health and Safety reasons. When your employees are not in physical contact with each other, you can avoid the spread of COVID-19 amongst them. Thus, you will create a safe work environment for them to thrive in. Although, there will always be sectors that require physical labour.

    Industries such as construction and medical care require that employees be physically present to get the job done. In these instances, an Occupational Health and Safety Management System can give you the necessary control to ensure that your employees are safe, healthy, and within a controlled environment to deliver optimal results during a day’s work. The ISO 45001:2018 Standard might not be written with COVID-19 in mind but can assist businesses of any size and type to ensure that your employees can thrive.

    Where Does ISO Compliance Start?

    It starts with choosing the ideal ISO Standards for your business to comply with. We can assist in this matter, along with aligning your business with the requirements of these ISO Standards. Therefore, you can take your business to the next level by implementing Management Systems that handle on subjects such as Quality, Information Security, and Occupational Health and Safety. ISO Compliance and Certification can allow your organisation to break through its proverbial ceiling and reach new levels in your industry.

    WWISE is your business partner when it comes to ISO Standards. Whether you require training, digital learning, or a Management System that is specifically designed for your business, we can be of assistance. For more info on how we can assist your business to reach new levels, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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