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    Make Your Business More Efficient

    Make Your Business More Efficient

    The world is facing an unprecedented challenge with the COVID-19 virus. This virus outbreak has affected almost every type of industry, causing businesses to rethink their approach to continue their business throughout these challenging times. Countries from around the world have enforced lockdowns and quarantines to limit the initial spread of the virus, from which many countries are starting to lift these regulations to get back to normal trading. Although nobody can predict what the future brings, we can prepare for the challenges ahead. This is where ISO compliance can make a difference for your business.

    What is ISO Compliance?

    The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a multi-national organisation that gas set forth a variety of internationally agreed-upon standards for best practices in various aspects of a business, such as Health & Safety and Quality Management. These standards consist of guidelines and frameworks to develop Management Systems that are aligned with your business needs and requirements. These Management Systems will ensure that your business can comply to various ISO standards. Although we are not a certification body, we can walk your business through the process of ISO compliance and assist with picking the ideal certification body in accordance to your required ISO standards.

    What Happens When My Business Complies to a Specific ISO Standard?

    As a business, you want to continuously improve and grow your business to reach new heights within your industry. Therefore, you want to make your business as competitive as possible, which is why many businesses seek ISO certification. By adhering to international standards, your business can reach new levels of efficiency and quality. By being certified, your business will also have the proverbial stamp of approval to attract more business opportunities. In the end, ISO certification can elevate your business to a more efficient and successful venture.

    How Can I Ensure Business Continuity?

    Versatility is a key element to any business in today’s market. The internet has evolved into a digital platform that is used by millions on a daily basis. Many businesses are utilising the internet as a handy and profitable tool to do business, reach their customers, and communicate. Working from home has become feasible for many industries, although few are willing to adopt such a change. With the unpredictable outbreak of COVID-19, many were forced to work from home, and are still encouraged to do so where possible. However, to ensure business continuity, your business must be versatile to adapt to such changes.

    Developing and Implementing a Management System

    Business continuity will always be challenging throughout times where the world has been hit with a tragedy. The way we do business will forever be changed by the COVID-19 outbreak. However, your business must focus on how to adjust to these changes and deliver the best possible services/products to your clients/customers. A Quality Management System (QMS) can ensure that your business has a feasible method to ensuring that the quality of your products or services meet the expectations of your consumers.

    Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in business continuity. By keeping your customers satisfied with your products or services, you will ensure that they will choose you again in the future. We can develop and implement a Quality Management System in accordance to ISO 9001 that will give your business the competitive edge within your industry. The ISO 9001 standard can be adopted to businesses of any size and within any industry. Therefore, your business can take advantage of a tailored QMS to reach your goals and be more competitive.

    Training and Maintenance

    Once we have developed and implemented a QMS for your business, we also offer training for your employees to adopt the new changes that your QMS will implement. We also offer Management System Maintenance to ensure that your QMS is constantly improved on and to keep up with current ISO regulations. This will ensure that certified businesses can prepare accordingly when certification bodies do check-ups on their Management Systems. Therefore, we can go the extra mile for your business to assist you with regulatory maintenance after developing and implementing a tailored QMS for your business.

    WWISE is your business partner regarding ISO compliance. We offer various solutions that can elevate your business to be more competitive within your market. Business continuity is a challenge that most businesses are facing at the moment. Overcome these challenges with us on your side. For more info, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at

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