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    ISO 27001 Information and Cyber Security Training

    ISO 27001 Information and Cyber Security Training

    Understanding why cyber security training is important starts with a better understanding of the ISO 27000 series of standards. Formally known as the ISO/IEC 27000 standard family, it is a range of standards that focus specifically on information security standards. The International Organisation for Standardisation, also known as International Standards Organisation (ISO), and the International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) has worked together to develop the internationally recognised framework for security management. The range of standards helps companies to improve the security of their information assets, IP, and employee information.

    Understanding ISO/IEC 27001

    Perhaps the best known of the ISO 27000 series of standards is ISO/IEC 27001. In this standard, we also provide cyber security training through our e-learning platform. The standard provides the requirements, which the organisation’s information security management system must meet, and against which the organisation’s ISMS is then measured. The standard is relevant to organisations of all sizes, regardless of their geographical locations or the industry in which they are operating.

    With cyber-attacks on the rise, which are certainly becoming more sophisticated by the day, organisations have to take steps to protect their data and information assets. ISO 27001 provides the requirements against which organisations can be certified regarding the protection of both personal and sensitive information. Technology, testing, organising, and auditing practices all play a role in securing the information assets and data. In this regard, cyber security training that develops awareness regarding the importance of cyber security, is essential.

    ISO 27001 is the most popular one of the ISO 27000 series of standards, but there are other standards in the series that are also related to cyber security. For instance, ISO 27032 provides the general guidelines for the best practices for cyber security, and we recommend that companies enrol in cyber security training to get a better understanding of ISO 27032.

    Organisations that want to get certified, to show compliance with ISO 27001, should take note of the importance of cyber security training. Contrary to what many believe to be the case, cyber security is not just about technology. It is about all the parties involved in information processing. An employee can easily cause a confidentiality breach through an email. It is thus essential to improve awareness of cyber security through relevant training.

    An ISO/IEC 27001 certification enables the organisation to create secure data environments, avoid damage to their reputation, as the result of a data or confidentiality breach, and to avoid penalties associated with such breaches. Certification helps the organisation to prove its compliance with the standard, and thus build customer confidence regarding the organisation’s policies, procedures, and practices related to cyber security.

    More About ISO/IEC 27032

    ISO/IEC 27032 is all about cyber security, and, as such, it is recommended that you enrol your employees in training regarding the standard as well. One should understand that cyber security differs from information or network security. It deals with security threats in the online or digital space. The standard is about the actions that need to be taken to secure data in the cyber space, whereas ISO 27001 pertains to all information regardless of whether it is stored online, in paper format, or on the company servers.

    However, the ISO/IEC 27032 standard does not stand in isolation. It relates to other security domains, such as network and information security, critical information infrastructure, and internet security. Training in cyber security should thus start with training in ISO 27001 awareness, the implementation of an ISO 27001-compliant information security management system, and auditing the system. Thereafter, one should also consider the importance of cyber security training regarding ISO 27032.

    The ISO/IEC 27032 standard covers the core security practices in the cyber space. Training regarding the standard thus focuses on the baseline practices. The standard provides an overview and explanation of cyber security, the relationship between cyber security and other related security domains, common issues experienced, and a framework for collaboration regarding cyber security issues.

    The standard provides a definition of what is seen as cyber space. It is the complex virtual environment where there is a constant interaction of technologies, people, and services, which are connected through networks. It is a security environment that is not in a physical format. It thus covers the security aspects of the interactions in the virtual world.

    Your organisation cannot be ISO 27032 certified, but it can be ISO 27001-certified for your information security management system. ISO 27032 aims to improve security in the virtual world by giving recommendations. ISO 27001 provides the requirements for the design, implementation, and maintenance of an information security management system.

    ISO 27032 is specifically aimed at the cyber space, while ISO 27001 is aimed at the overall information security management of the organisation. You will be glad to know that we provide training in ISO 27001, which is certainly valuable, considering that it is the standard against which your information security management system is measured.

    It is important to understand that neither standard is focussed on setting up a risk management policy. To this end, we recommend reviewing the ISO/IEC 31000 or ISO/IEC 27005 standards regarding risk management. That said, ISO 27001 does provide the requirements regarding what the organisation’s methodology should address.

    ISO 27001 has a list of controls, but not all them have to do with technology, since not all information is stored using technology. ISO 27032 deals with cyber security controls, such as end-user and protection of server controls.

    Our Training

    We provide you with ISO-specific training options. One option is ISO 27001-awareness training. Another option is internal auditing regarding ISO 27001, and a third option is training in the implementation of an ISO 27001-compliant information security management system. The courses are available through our e-learning platform, which helps to reduce the time it takes to complete courses. The platform makes it possible for attendees to attend the courses through the virtual classroom structure. View our full range of courses, and call us for more information about cyber security training options.

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