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    ISO 27001 Implementation Courses to Help Your Organisation Prepare for Certification

    ISO 27001 Implementation Courses to Help Your Organisation Prepare for Certification

    ISO 27001:2013 is all about information security management. It provides the requirements for the development and implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) to address issues regarding the protection of information assets. It is broader than the IT system; it covers people, processes, and technology involved in information security management.

    The standard consists of various sections, including the scope, normative referencing, planning, organisational context, and leadership, to name a few. We provide various courses to help you prepare for ISO 27001 implementation. All the courses are MSETA- and FP-accredited and recognised by SABS and SAQI. Below is an introduction to two of the courses relevant to ISO 27001 implementation.

    ISO 27001 Implementation

    The course covers the requirements for implementation of the ISO 27001-compliant information security management system. After completion of the course, delegates have the necessary information to start the implementation process. It covers all aspects regarding the standard and the controls involved. Delegates will be able to identify the information assets, risks, and possible impacts. By enrolling your employees in the course, you will give them the information and skills required to help with ISO 27001 implementation and the improved performance of the company in this regard.

    The ISO 27001 implementation course is relevant to top management, consultants, security professionals, quality officers, auditors, and anyone involved in the ISO 27001 implementation and maintenance process. The objectives of the course are to ensure an understanding of the definitions, terms, concepts, and guidelines of the standard. It also aims to give delegates the necessary understanding of the standard’s intent and the various requirements for certification purposes.

    The course aims to address application of environmental management principles for on-going improvement of the ISMS, to provide for a better understanding of the various implementation stages and to give delegates insight in best practices. The course also addresses the integration of the ISMS with the organisation’s existing environmental programmes.

    A further objective is to give delegates the necessary information and skills to understand ISMS audits and to understand the role of the ISMS in achieving the executive order objectives. It addresses the budget and office of management-related reporting requirements, in addition to giving delegates generic templates and understanding how to use the templates for ISO 27001 implementation.

    Attending and completing the ISO 27001 implementation course holds several benefits, such as helping employees to reduce the time to learn about ISO 27001. It helps the employees to understand the controls, including Annexure A controls. We provide practical case studies, helping delegates to understand the implementation in context of their organisations.

    Delegates will complete an assessment at the end of the ISO 27001 implementation course in which they must get 60% to get their Competence Certificate. Delegates with scores between 40 and 59% get a second chance. For the delegates that get less than 40% in the assessment and fail the second attempt, we require repurchasing of the course, but we still provide a certificate of attendance. We provide an e-learning platform, making it possible for your organisation to enrol employees who can study in their own time. They will not have to attend class-based instruction and this can save time and money for the company.

    ISO 27001:2013 Security Awareness

    Part of the ISO 27001 implementation process entails development of ISO 27001 security awareness. It is certainly a useful course to ensure widespread employee awareness of security aspects and control thereof in compliance with the standard. The course is relevant to all employees in your organisation, whether secretaries, IT personnel or management.  The course provides an overview of what an ISMS entails, explains how the ISMS helps the organisation deal with information security risks, and provides an overview of the requirements of the standard. It also explains the benefits of implementation.

    Delegates, will upon completion of the course, understand the implementation process, know how to identify and evaluate information assets, identify vulnerabilities associated with information security risks, and understand Annex A. It is also available as an e-learning course, once again helping your organisation to save money regarding training and awareness development. We furthermore provide corporate packages to help your company save even more money.

    The above are only two of the ISO 27001 courses. View our full range of courses, templates for implementation, and consultation guidance available to help you make informed decisions regarding ISMS implementation.

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