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    Help Prevent Load-shedding in Your Organisation

    Help Prevent Load-shedding in Your Organisation. This is how ISO 50001:2018 has you covered.

    ISO 50001:2018 is an international standard that specifies the standards as well as usage guidelines for the establishment and management of an Energy Management System (EnMS). As South Africa braces itself for cold fronts this winter, Eskom has encouraged the public to minimise electricity consumption. These cold fronts could put a strain on the power grid. South Africans must help cut electricity usage to relieve pressure on the grid; otherwise, many organisations may suffer. Load shedding has a significant impact on companies that rely on constant electricity output, but even brief interruptions in the power supply can cause problems. Nothing is more aggravating as a business owner, a business manager, or an IT expert than being unable to plan correctly or discovering that you are not insured for a power surge that was beyond your control.

    This is how it Affects Businesses

    As a result of a power surge, which might result in damaged merchandise or broken machinery, you may incur a decline in sales, lower turnover, and even additional expenses. Power surges may occur during load shedding. Power surges occur when power is restored after a lengthy outage, causing an increase in the flow of electric current to a wall socket or an electrical box. This can harm your company’s equipment. When there is load shedding, there is a considerable probability that your company’s security procedures may be compromised, raising concerns about the safety of your premises and insurance coverage.

    Why Your Business Should Go Green

    The industrialised world’s energy demand is decreasing, whilst developing countries’ energy needs are predicted to increase. Any company that wants to stay competitive in a world with diminishing energy supplies and seeks a long-term solution should carefully consider implementing an ISO 50001:2018 compliant energy management system. The ISO 50001:2018 energy management system was successfully installed at ArcelorMittal’s steel plant in Saldanha, the Western Cape’s single largest electricity consumer, and resulted in an incredible R90 million energy bill saving in one year. Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) is the best technology for future electricity production in South Africa. When all fuel expenses are considered over a lifetime, it is already cheaper than new coal-fired power plants. South Africa has begun to expand its existing power plants with solar thermal power plants. Soon, everyone will recognise CSP plants as having the capacity and capability of fitting seamlessly into the South African grid.

    During load-shedding, Safety and Security are Paramount.

    Investigate alternative power solutions for electronic gates or perimeter security, get an Uninterrupted Power Supply for CCTV and alarms inside the premises, and speak with your insurer about coverage when security is jeopardised by load-shedding. The goal of this standard is to offer organisations a framework to use when planning and integrating energy performance into their day-to-day management activities. Organisations will be able to refer to and follow the one standard for a univocal technique for finding and implementing changes on a global scale. ISO 50001:2018 enables organisations to better manage their energy consumption. It enables firms to reduce risk while improving efficiency and operations.

    How to Keep your Business Online During Load-Shedding

    • Power banks are ideal for keeping your devices charged.
    • Using your phone as a hotspot: Using a mobile hotspot to stay connected is a cost-effective solution.
    • Dongles and routers: Dongles and routers use cellular data to provide an economical and dependable mobile internet source.
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS): These strong units can be plugged into your electronics and electrical systems directly. UPSs are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.
    • Generator: Purchasing a generator can be scary, but there are various types available that may meet your needs. Smaller, portable units are becoming increasingly popular, and bigger sets can be hired on short- or long-term contracts for a fraction of the cost of purchase. The size of the generator that is best suitable for your business is determined by your (essential) electrical requirements.


    Do you need to educate yourself or your company on energy management systems? Explore our e-learning website and educate yourself on how to enhance energy management in your organisation with our ISO 50001:2018 courses.

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