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    Everything you need to know about SETAs and how they can benefit you and your organisation

    A large number of South Africa’s labour market is underskilled. This has become a massive challenge that impedes productivity and consequently our ability as a nation to compete on a global level. Many organisations have taken numerous steps to address the extensive skills shortfall by offering their employees skills-development training, specifically SETA training. This benefits the organisation since those who invest in skills training for their employees benefit greatly when it comes to their BBBEE scores.

    Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETA) is a vocational skills training organisation in South Africa that was established to ensure good quality skills development. There are currently 21 SETAs in South Africa responsible for managing and creating leadership, internships, unit-based skills programmes, and apprenticeships within its jurisdiction. The main role of the SETAs is to construct a framework in which all South Africans, employed or unemployed, can develop their existing skills, learn new skills, acquire qualifications, and contribute meaningfully to the country’s economy.

    Each SETA has a responsibility to assess and give accreditation to training providers in every sector of South African industries from agriculture, fisheries and forest services to financial services, safety and security services, and mining.

    When it comes to skills development, SETA has various roles, which include:

    • Determining if training providers have good qualifications and are competent to provide training that is of National Qualifications Standard (NQF) calibre and providing trainers who meet these standards with SETA accreditation.
    • Ensuring that accredited training providers maintain high-quality courses and qualifications as well as setting up and managing learnerships, internships, apprenticeships, and unit-based skills programmes within various industries.
    • Developing and putting into practice sector-specific skills plan to develop appropriate skills in various industries.

    How do you as an employee benefit by attending accredited training?

    Employees, or potential employees, who attend an accredited course can first and foremost rest assured knowing that they have completed a training course that has met their industry’s requirements, meaning that they have learned relevant, high-quality skills from a well-qualified, reputable trainer. SETA-accredited courses are nationally recognised by employers in that industry. This means that you stand a chance to gain new opportunities for employment and self-improvement in ways that non-accredited training does not provide. In addition to that, some accredited courses carry NQF credits, which count towards full formal qualifications.

    How do you as an employer benefit by giving your employees SETA-accredited training? SETA-accredited training counts strongly towards an organisation’s skills development score and allows employers to benefit from tax rebates, as they can claim back against skills development levies.

    In addition to that, it can function as a cost-management measure as there is an opportunity for a reduced payroll bill. Employers offering their employees accredited training can also access SETA funds for staff training.

    By using a SETA-accredited trainer, an organisation can maximise potential BBBEE points.

    Employers benefit from knowing they have staff that are well-equipped with current industry-specific skills, reducing lost time and productivity due to error or lack of knowledge.

    In addition, employees trained with SETA-accredited courses happen to be considerably upskilled, which in turn boosts output, efficiency, and revenue for the organisation.

    Providing SETA-accredited training for employees reinforces an employer’s credibility and reputation in their industry and community.

    Should you or your organisation need a qualified and reputable training provider to offer these SETA programmes, WWISE is ready to assist.

    With accreditation for four full qualifications for Services SETA, MICT SETA, LG SETA and FP&M SETA, WWISE has a wide range of courses on offer.

    Please do not hesitate to contact WWISE on 08610 99473 (WWISE) | (021) 525 9159 or email

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