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    Did your business have an adequate risk management strategy in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?

    While we hope your answer to this question is “Yes!” the sad truth is that for many companies it is “no”. A common theme at the moment is “ How could we foresee a global pandemic?” and the answer is that although you may not have been prepared for a pandemic of this magnitude, you would have had a strategy for a loss in production capability, interruptions to distribution or a drop in demand for your product – all consequences of a pandemic. The truth of the matter is businesses are always exposed to risk and even if you didn’t have something in place in time for the start of the pandemic, you need to start managing it immediately. Rather late than never!

    What is risk management?

    ISO 31000 defines “risk” as the effect of uncertainty on objectives. We should recognise the fact that we live in an uncertain world. Whenever we have goals there is the possibility that things might not go the way we planned it to. Risk management refers to the identification of potential risks in advance, analysing those risks and following a strategy that reduces the negative effects those risks could have on your business.

    Why does your business need risk management?

    Following a risk management strategy that is adjusted and adapted specifically to your organisation could have several benefits. One of these benefits, which most definitely could have minimised the effects of COVID-19 on your business, is that your organisation is better equipped to deal with ‘surprises’. A proper risk management strategy enables your organisation to not only identify possible risks, but also to communicate these risks to the relevant people in a timely manner. Early identification of potential risks could minimise the adverse effects of identified risks.

    Another one of the benefits to having a risk management strategy could be that having risk management practices will assist your organisation in identifying trouble spots in ongoing projects, which will allow you to address the trouble spot before it escalates. Therefore, risk management practices are useful and can be woven into any projects your organisation take on and are therefore not just for ‘rainy day’ implementation.

    How can WWISE help you?

    At WWISE we offer an e-learning course providing you with an introduction to risk management. This course will enable you to analyse your workplace activities and carry out a risk assessment to identify any risks by applying the generic ISO 31000:2018 guideline standard. This can assist you in putting measures in place and aligning any other ISO Management System with respect to performing Risk Assessments.

    This course is best suited to persons interested in assessing the effectiveness of their business’ risk assessment implementation as well as those who aim to be risk assessment internal auditors. Additionally, this course is not only for individuals. We can cater for corporate groups at a discounted rate and are also able to ‘rent’ the course out on a platform that is customisable to your organisations corporate identity.

    Our risk management course will improve optimal productivity in your organisation, recognise and control hazards in the workplace and create awareness among employees. Additionally, the course will better qualify your employees to take a proactive approach instead of being reactive to risk in the workplace.

    Benefits of e-learning

    There are several benefits to online education. Research suggests that online learning can increase retention of information and takes up less time. Given the way in which the world has changed as of late, online learning is more relevant than ever before. Additionally, e-learning is a more cost-effective approach to training and does not compromise on the quality of the information and learnings imparted on delegates. Most importantly, by taking a WWISE online course, your employees are not subject to any physical human contact and can learn from the comfort of their home.

    Our ‘Introduction to Risk Management’ course is accredited with FP and MSETA as recognised by the SAQI and SABS.

    Make sure your company is ready to respond to any eventuality by signing up for our ISO 31000:2018 online Risk Management course.

    Visit or contact us at for more information or to sign up today!

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