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    Cost-Effective Online Cyber and Information Security Training on ISO 27001:2013

    Cost-Effective Online Cyber and Information Security Training on ISO 27001:2013

    Stricter regulations regarding client data protection, the importance of keeping information assets secure, and the ever-increasing risks of operating in the cyber environment, have made cyber security training essential. If your company wants to become ISO 27001:2013-compliant, you will need to develop information and cyber security awareness on all levels of the organisation. What better place to start than with an e-Learning-based programme focussed on information security management, which include cyber security as relevant to ISO 27001? Your employees learn at their own pace and from any device. They do not need to attend classes and sit through boring lectures. With our new e-Learning platform it is as simple as registering and downloading the information security management and cyber security training material.

    ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Awareness

    The course is short but comprehensive and it should be the first course in your cyber security training strategy. Since cyber security affects everyone in the organisation, the introductory training in information security awareness is recommended for top and middle management, IT personnel, secretaries, and anyone who has access to information. It is just as relevant to medical practices as it is to IT companies, educational facilities, and producers.

    The course content includes an overview of what the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System is and how the implementation of the ISO 27001-compliant ISMS benefits the organisation. It also covers the implementation process, including the development of the policies and procedures in compliance with ISO 27001. It covers the cyber security risks, assessment of information security risks, the risk treatment plan, and applicability statement. It is thus more than just cyber security training. It is about all information security issues in the organisation, including cyber security.

    Your employees will learn about the importance of ISO 27001:2013 certifications and gain an understanding of the control objectives listed in Annexure A of the standard. The certification process is also explained. Whether you are a business owner, the CEO of the company, Chief Information Officer, or a data clerk, completing the information and cyber security training is essential if your company is to become ISO 27001:2013-compliant.

    Benefits of course completion include:

    • Protects the company’s reputation in the industry.
    • Helps develop awareness of information and cyber security threats.
    • Provides employees with the ability to assess and address such risks.

    Every employee who has completed the information and cyber security training will receive a certificate. There is no assessment at the end of the course and there is no entry requirement. Once you have ensured awareness throughout the organisation, selected employees can complete the next course – ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Training. As an individual who wants to advance your career prospects, or who will be required to conduct internal audits on information and cyber security risks in your company, you can also enrol. We provide a company platform and individual training courses.

    ISO 27001 Internal Auditor Training

    With the internal auditor training, you will learn how to perform ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management Systems audits. You will learn how to identify, manage, control, and reduce the information and cyber security risks that your organisation faces. With the online tutoring, you will get clear instruction on how to develop measures for risk assessment and management. You will learn about the planning, executing, and reporting functions of the internal auditor, as relevant to the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System.

    The course is well-suited to consultants who want to provide guidance on ISO 27001 ISMS auditing. It is also relevant to anyone involved in auditing or supervising of ISO 27001 implementation and maintenance. The information and cyber security training is furthermore relevant to anyone who wants to improve on their existing auditing skills or who wants to conduct First Party Internal or Second Party Supplier Audits. Whether you thus want to improve, or ensure your employees have the required auditing skills, or want to improve on your auditing skills as relevant to information and cyber security, we can recommend the internal auditor training.

    Why Complete the Internal Auditor Training for ISO 27001:2013?

    Information and cyber security management is an integral part of protecting the company’s information assets. It requires specialised skill sets to manage every aspect of the organisation’s information security. A common misconception is that information risks only pertain to cyber connectivity. The truth is that every file in the company, every email sent, and every text message is a risk. It only takes one employee to forward a confidential email, to post sensitive data to social media, or text it to a friend to compromise the company’s reputation and financial stability.

    As such, information security is comprehensive. However, with companies operating the in the cloud environment and communicating through the Internet and emails, cyber security is just as important and thus forms part of information security management. The course is structured to ensure theoretical and practical applicability as related to auditing. The training covers the clauses and all the controls of ISO 27001 and how to audit each. The training also includes templates that help to attendees to understand the structuring of the audits and reporting of the results. It includes aspects such as checklists, writing non-conformance reports, auditing toolkits, setting auditing plans, and taking corrective actions.

    Upon successful completion of the course and the assessment at the end of the training, you will receive a certificate of competence if you pass the assessment with a mark over 60%. If your mark is below 60%, but above 40%, you can attempt a higher pass mark, but if your final mark is below 40% and you have failed on the second attempt, you will need to purchase the course again. You will, however, receive a certificate of attendance. Apart from these two courses, we offer you the full implementation training programme that will provide you with an in-depth understanding of cyber and information security as relevant to ISO 27001:2013. You will learn everything you need for complete development and implementation of an ISO 27001:2013 ISMS.

    Whether you, as individual, want to complete training, or want your employees to be trained, you will appreciate the comprehensiveness of the information and cyber security training as relevant to ISO 27001. For more information on the above courses, visit our training section where you can also purchase the relevant courses.

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