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    Are you interested in Relocating?

    Let WWISE help you create a better future for yourself outside of South Africa.

    If you clicked on this article, chances are that you are one of the 20% of South Africans looking to relocate to another country… Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

    What does relocating mean?

    Relocation is a long-term decision that many South Africans are considering now, with even more people leaving the country than previous years. The United Nations’ (UN’s) Department of Economic and Social Affairs has made it public that almost 1 Million South African citizens emigrated between 2015 and 2020. According to COSATU, this number includes young, qualified coloured, Indian, white, and black South Africans.

    Why are South Africans relocating?

    Employment is one of the biggest factors, and according to FNB, financial pressure is the main reason why people are moving overseas. South Africans are exchanging their current environment for a better one – economic and political reasons also play a role.

    According to New World Immigration, young South Africans want to improve their quality of life and are looking for financial freedom outside of South Africa. It is evident that establishing yourself overseas provides better job opportunities, better service delivery, and over-all better circumstance.

    Here are the top 10 reasons WHY South Africans are leaving the country and relocating elsewhere:


    • Improved safety and security
    • Better future for children
    • No confidence in the future of the country
    • Government’s affirmative action policy
    • Deterioration in social services
    • Decline in quality of life
    • Decline in living standards
    • Higher earnings potential
    • Better prospects for professionals
    • Lower taxation rates 

    If you are a Health & Safety Officer, and you are looking to relocate or upskill yourself for future relocation, we at WWISE are handing you an opportunity to relocate with an Internationally recognised certificate in Occupational Health and Safety, called the International General Certificate. 

    How can WWISE help you?

    We are one of the few accredited training providers in Southern Africa offering this 2-week course in-person (classroom), via webinar or even via distance training. WWISE is a silver accredited training provider, with credibility from SABS, SAATCA, SAIOSH, SAQI and many more. We offer free access to our training facilities, Wi-fi, stationery and secure parking.

    By completing the course with us you have access to the facilitator, and everyday meal plans (Strictly Halaal). The training will be conducted by our Lead Tutor with highly prestigious qualifications in Occupational Health & Safety. You will have access to videos and a library to enhance your learning experience.

    In accreditation with NEBOSH, the IGC (International General Certificate) is popular with the International Labour Organisation, and right now there is a big demand for Health and Safety Officers in the Middle East.

    The road is open for you to better your environment, financial situation and your future by relocating.

    For more information about the IGC, contact us at 086 109 9473 (Head Office) or 021 525 9159 (Cape Town). Alternatively send an email to and we will get back to you!

    There are many reasons why people are interested in relocating. Unemployment / Load Shedding / Water restrictions / Crime / Corruption / Tax / Poor service delivery to name a few. Can you think of more reasons than these…?


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