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    A Few Things You/Your Organisation Need to Know About Health and Safety in The Workplace

    Workplace safety has risen to the top of many businesses’ priorities in 2022. Not only is the COVID-19 pandemic causing more diseases, but the rise of remote work and individuals working from various places makes it more difficult for companies to contact frontline and deskless employees.

    Worker safety and occupational health and safety-related to the provision of a safe working environment, safe equipment, rules, and procedures to guarantee the health and safety of workers.

    Why workplace safety is important

    Workplace safety is critical for all employees since everyone wants to come to work in a safe and secure environment. To enhance the wellness of both employees and employers, health and safety is a critical issue for all sectors. It is the company’s obligation and moral responsibility to look after its employees’ well-being. That is why processes must be followed since human casualty and disease are on the rise. As a result, such losses or injuries can cause significant financial hardship for families.

    All sectors have safety hazards, but top management should spend their time thinking about and strategizing safety procedures that are needed to ensure that their employees are always safe. This assists them in increasing the production and quality of their products and services. Listed below are a few things to take into consideration when it comes to health and safety in the workplace

    • Being aware of your surroundings: It is critical to be aware of your employees’ working conditions. Knowing the risks that may potentially arise can assist you in lowering risks and allows you to take preventative measures.
    • Reduce workplace stress: lengthy work hours, work pressure, and disputes can all lead to sickness or mental health issues in employees. As a result, it is essential to take care of their health by taking regular pauses, sitting in an optimal posture, and eating adequate food. Any employee or co-worker may experience stress because of extended working hours, an excess of work, job instability, or difficulties that arise among co-workers or professionals.
    • Use tools correctly: Taking shortcuts is one of the leading causes of workplace incidents. It is always suggested to use the proper instruments to decrease the possibility of workplace harm.
    • Maintain convenient crisis exits: You will need a strategy, and if a crisis occurs, you will need rapid access to the exits. It is also recommended to avoid using equipment shutoffs, which may prevent employees from functioning in an emergency.
    • Stay Alert: Many employees compromise or reject warning messages, resulting in a lot of workplace accidents or fatalities.
    • Wear the proper safety equipment: Employees must wear the proper safety equipment tools while working. Earplugs, earmuffs, hard hats, safety gloves, full-face masks, and any other equipment necessary to wear while working are examples of equipment. These gadgets will protect workers from accidents that occur on the job.
    • Maintain good posture: If you have a seated job, you must maintain a good posture when working at a desk. To avoid spine problems, maintain your shoulders in line and your back upright. Try to avoid stooping and twisting daily, and if feasible, use comfort-designed furniture.
    • Workplace safety training: It is critical to educate each employee/ worker in the organisation on the importance of safety. If management offers employees workplace safety training, it will assist them in reducing or eliminating workplace injuries.
    • Practical safety exercises: While they may appear unnecessary, some safety drills may teach employees/ workers how to react in an emergency. These kinds of practical drills will aid employees in understanding correct safety measures. It is critical to do these drills instead of injuring or losing any employees in an event.

    One of the most serious concerns is safety, and managers and business owners must ensure that their workers work in a safe environment. Top management should make certain that they continue to motivate staff to keep them engaged in the work process.

    Regularly, there should be an appropriate conversation regarding the job and the culture of the office, so that top management is aware of how they can simplify things for the employee’s comfort.

    Several small organisations have insecure working conditions. However, regardless of where you work, every employee/ worker requires a safe working environment. Workplace injuries or accidents result in lost productivity, increased worker compensation expenses, litigation, and, in certain cases, harm to the company’s reputation. As a result, organisations must offer suitable facilities to protect employees against workplace accidents.

    Should you need further assistance with implementing your safety file or assistance with workplace safety, contact WWISE on 08610 99473 or email You can also contact us on 021 525 9159 (Cape Town).

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