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    Unit Standard:  115790

    Qualification Title:  National Certificate: Environmental Management

    Course Title:   Write and Present for A Wide Range of Purposes, Audiences and Contexts

    Course Level:   5

    Course Credits:  5

    Course Duration:  Three days

    Cost of Course R 2 800,00 per delegate (excluding 15% VAT)

    Course Overview

    This Unit Standard is intended to promote clear, unambiguous communication. It requires learners to follow a process in writing workplace-specific texts. The ability to write plain language will improve the quality of business correspondence and other texts that are specific to a workplace environment.

    The achievement of this Unit Standard enables learners to recognise and use effectively textual conventions and features specific to business texts including those that require a particular format and/or specified legislated requirements. They carefully scrutinise their own and others’ writing for accuracy, appropriateness and impact on different audiences and contexts, as well as edit and change where appropriate.