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    Unit Standard: SAQA 119462

    Qualification Title:  Further Education and Training Certificate: New Venture Creation

    Course Title:  Engage in Sustained Oral/Signed Communication and Evaluate Spoken/Signed Texts

    Course Level:  4

    Course Credits:  5

    Course Duration:  Three days

    Cost of Course:  R 2 800,00 per delegate (excluding 15% VAT)

    Course Overview

    Competence at this level will enable learners to participate effectively in oral/signed communication in most situations. Learners at this level are aware of their audiences and purposes for communication, as they have learned to listen effectively and critically. They can identify or adopt the style and language register required in different situations. They can usually identify the assumptions and inferences in what people say/sign.

    While they speak/sign fluently and confidently in both formal and familiar settings and can articulate their purpose and meaning clearly, they can use language to convey detailed information and to express their ideas and feelings. They control complex sentence structures and language conventions in their spoken/signed communications.