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    SETA Accredited training

    What is a SETA?

    “SETA” stands for Sector Education and Training Authority and is an initiative of the National Skills Development Strategy (NSDS). SETA’s facilitate training for out-of-school youth as well as anyone who needs additional skills and further training. The members of a SETA include employers, trade unions and government departments. SETA’s have been established by the Labour Department to assist with the Skills Development Act.

    A SETA qualification encompasses various unit standards in which a delegate must complete in order to obtain the qualification. These unit standards require you to attend classes through distance learning as well classroom training. These unit standards comprise of various core modules, fundamental modules as well as electives. For a full qualification, these unit standards must be completed.

    What are the benefits?

    When completing a SETA qualification, various benefits apply to both an individual and for your company’s employees. As an employer, there is a magnitude that you can benefit including tax incentives and BEE status.

    The attendee has the benefit of knowing that their qualification will be recognized throughout South Africa, being associated with SETAs through WWISE your organisation/individuals can improve its competitiveness by earning additional points on the BEE scorecard that are reserved for learnership training. Learnerships are plugged into the NQF so that they give access to further learning and are nationally recognised.

    Once completing a full qualification, you are rest assured that you have acquired quality skills. These qualifications are also SAQA recognised. A delegate can complete a qualification at their own pace and on their own time.

    WWISE Accreditation

    • Service Seta – Quality Management qualification (66189)
    • LGSETA – Environmental Management qualification (66789)
    • MICT SETA – Information Technology – Systems Development (48872)
    • FP&M SETA – Single Unit Standards

    Contact WWISE so that we can help you access the benefits above.

    Our SETA accredited trainings are skills development courses that is approved by various SETA’s. WWISE’s SETA accredited training entails skills development training that is approved by the various SETAS for each of the industries.

    Each qualification entails several unit standards which once completed, make a SETA Qualification. Once completed, you will obtain a SETA qualification that is nationally recognised.

    How can I obtain a qualification?

    Our SETA qualification can be accessed by the following group of individuals

    18.1 Employed

    18.2 Unemployed

    You can obtain the qualification as 18.2(unemployed or 18.1 employed) delegate in a learnership payed skills development program by the employer, self-funded program. The delegate can learn either a full-qualification full-time, part time or opt for one-unit standard at a time.

    The qualification is Portfolio of Evidence (POE) based which means the delegate need to complete POE, the delegate has to be Assessed, Moderated and Verified in order to be deemed competed. The qualification certificate will come from the SETA only if it’s a full qualification and when it is a unit standard the SETA will issue the Delegate with SOR while the Training Provider will give the delegate Certificate of competence.